March 29, 2016

Keepin' hot, HOT, and cold, COLD. #likeaboss #TryItTuesday #AmazonPrime #thermos

Try It Tuesday . . . Wherein I review things and stuff.

Tired of your coffee going cold after ten minutes? Wish you had something to actually keep your smoothie from becoming juice? Want your ice water to stay icy?

Lemme introduce you to your beverage future . . .

Today's product: Klean Kanteen insulated thermos

Where to find: Amazon | Klean Kanteen
Average cost: $12 - $50 (depends on size, style, etc.)
Lasts: Still have mine after 3 years

Karen's rating: 

Why is this such a great thermos?

First of all, it's extremely versatile. With so many size and lid options, you can use it for almost anything. I have the 12 oz with a 'cafe' lid for coffee, the 16 oz for water or juice or iced coffee, and the 20 oz for smoothies or for a travel water. (When I make smoothies, I use the 'cafe' lid with this--different brand--straw.)

Second, they actually do what a thermos is meant to do: Keep hot things HOT and cold things COLD--for a long mothertrekkin' time. Since having my lil wild man, drinking my morning coffee is no longer a leisurely endeavor. Thankfully, I have my kanteen because it keeps my coffee hot for almost three hours (with the 'cafe' lid). That way I actually get to drink my coffee hot without microwaving it twelve times. If I use the twist-hook cap then my coffee will stay hot for a good five-ish hours.

My hubby absolutely swears by his Klean Kanteen tumbler for drinking water at home. He'll make an ice water before work to take his vitamins, leave it on the counter, and when he comes home from work there's still ice in the water. It's cray awesome.

Third, I love reusing a cup. Lemme explain . . . Washing dishes sucks. So, I'll totally use my coffee kanteen all week (rinse it out at the end of the day). That way I'm not dirtying a ton of dishes. Thereby conserving water AND saving money. It's pretty awesome to travel with too. That way at someone else's house I don't use a ton of their mugs. Plus, my coffee stays hot. HOLLA.

In addition to being a fantastic product, the company also gives back. According to their site: " In 2008, Klean Kanteen became a member of 1% for the Planet, making a commitment to donate at least 1% of annual sales to non-profit organizations working to protect, preserve and restore the natural environment." 

Lastly, holy trek, all the color choices!


How do you drink? What say you?


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Drinkin' . . . karen

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