March 14, 2016

Creative prompt + Immediate goal = Focused muse #MondayMotivation #WriteOn #amwriting

Monday Motivation . . . Writerly things and stuff. 

Trouble on the word-front?

If you're struggling to make a plot point work or having issues with your characters sticking their tongues out in a ha-ha-I-do-what-I-want gesture, you may need to let your muse run wild and free for a hot second. Stories have a way of telling themselves.

Sometimes taking a short break with a creative prompt and an immediately obtainable goal in mind really helps focus the wayward muse. Just remember when you begin this creative hiatus, to relax your mind and let your muse run free. This is the time to let your imagination go crazy. You never know what ideas will be sparked, and then you can regroup and hit the keys hard and fast.

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Creative prompt + Immediate goal = Focused muse

Listen to music while browsing Pinterest. 
That scene when the hero and heroine make up after a huge fight isn't feeling natural? Set a limit of ten songs and search pictures of couples fighting or kissing to pin that perfect emotion.

Watch a random TV show for 30 minutes while folding laundry.
Make sure the TV show isn't the same genre as you write. You'll be amazed how stepping outside of your character's world can give you perspective and ignite ideas.

Take a walk or walk your toddler/dog/emu while imagining you are your story's antagonist.
It's important to make sure your villains feel real on the page. And like all real people, they have everyday tasks to perform. What would your villain be thinking as he/she walks down the street?

Listen to an audio book while doing dishes.
Hearing someone tell a story has a wonderful impact on the muse. Plus, you'll be feeling way accomplished now that you don't have to use the same coffee mug for the fifth day in a row. Just sayin'.

And my all-time-fave . . . Go for a drive.
When windows are down and music is up, magic happens.

Once you've had a short break, it's back to the keyboard! Write those words. Tell your story. Because only you can bring your characters to life.

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Pounding coffee and trying to remember my name . . . 

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