May 31, 2012

So excited… Here it is! Mini-Excerpt from Witch Way to Turn…

Before Breena could grip the edge of the countertop, she lost her balance and toppled face first toward the ground.

In seconds he’d put the pan in the sink, moved in front of her and caught her.

“You’re fast,” she said, clinging to him.

Spooky fast.

She tried to steady her breathing and resettle herself on the counter without actually moving. Myles still had his hands on her shoulders and she didn’t want to startle him.

Her pulse raced even faster when he stroked the curve of her neck. Breena’s heartbeat pounded against his skin. Surely, he felt this heat between them? How much she wanted him?

Myles stood utterly still, staring at her. His hands on her. “You’re so beaut--” He looked down and backed away.

“I’m so what?”


“Distracting? I think you were gonna tell me how beautiful I am.” She smiled, positive she had full-on dimple-age going.

“I want to… I mean, you are. But--” He sighed heavily. “Weren’t you grilling me?”