March 7, 2016

Doesn't just keep YOU alive. It keeps your imaginary friends alive too. #MondayMotivation #amwriting

Monday Motivation . . . Writerly things and stuff.

The way to a writer's heart--besides buying their books and leaving glowing reviews--


It's important. You may get so involved in your characters and their world that you kinda forget you actually live in this one. But! never fear, your inner hunger will eventually remind you. And when it does, keep in mind these 7 foods that will help with brain power and concentration.

1. Walnuts - and they actually look like little brains. Go figure!

2. Coffee - surprised? Now the overly sugary drinks aren't the recommended ones. I know, sad face, right? But a cup or two of regular coffee first thing in the morning has been shown to help with brain focus and concentration.

3. Dark chocolate - the caffeine and brain-protecting antioxidants do the same as coffee. Sweet, right? However, too much of a good thing can be just that.

4. Berries - they're the best anti-aging food around. Plus, they protect the brain from oxidative stress.

5. Spinach - whaa? Popeye didn't eat it for nothing! It's chocked full of vitamin E, which helps increase brain tissue and dopamine that control the flow of information to the brain.

6. Carrots - they help to restore memory. Forgetting what color your hero's eyes are? Go all Bugs Bunny. It'll help!

7. Fish - why? Omega 3, baby! This will give your brain a huge boost! And eating it weekly will help reduce the risk of stroke.


Now, where to go to write?

You'd think your local coffee shop, right? Well, according to some research, this can be distracting.

Men with Pens say their number one pick for a writing cave is

*drum roll*

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of writing in a coffee shop anyway. I'm too easily distra--


I'm definitely a fan of editing in a coffee shop--wait, there's seriously a squirrel outside my window, never mind it's a leaf--but for the writing part, I do my best work at home. Having a routine and a familiar spot is helpful for me.

Brew coffee, fill thermos, sit in favorite chair, torment imaginary people. Repeat.

What about you? Where's your fave place to write? Any rituals you must follow before the words can be written?


Brought to you by bean salad and psychedelic mushrooms . . . karen


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