January 4, 2016

Have you written today? Here. Have a coffee. Or twelve. That book won't write itself. #WIP

Monday Motivation... Writerly things and stuff.

So, um, how did it get to be 2016? Wasn't it just Y2K, like, last year? Eesh! Time is a quick one. Anyway, someone here took a little time-off for the holidays. *points at self*

I know, right? And the problem with taking a writing break, is that it's kinda hard to get the groove back. Of course, Nothing in this world worth having comes easy. Matter-of-fact, some days are triple espresso days. But, hey, that just means I can type faster. Mwahaha.

One day the words write themselves. The next day it's like pulling hen's teeth. And, er, in case you didn't know, hens don't have teeth. Eep.

Momentum is key.

So grab a hot beverage, put your butt in the chair, and write all the words. You can do it. Your imaginary friends are counting on you.

Sending love from Oz . . . karen


  1. Good advice!! That King quote is great.

  2. Thank you :) He has such great quotes! Writing at least 250 words a day really helps me!