January 22, 2016

Writing words, cleaning up oatmeal, seeing dead people. *shrugs* All in a week's work! #FridayFeed #WIP

Friday Feed . . . Doing things and stuff.

Call me Karen. (writing words)

You know how sometimes you have just-keep-writing-crap-for-the-sake-of-writing days and then somewhere along the way you have fantastic-awesome-all-the-feels-good-writing days? Well, I'm happy to say, this week has been full of the latter. 

It's definitely not always like that, but when it is, it's important to savor it. Wrap it up in your arms and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Mmmm...

I'm so truly, madly, deeply in love with this story. Now you're thinking Savage Garden...when was the last time that happened, am I right? 

Anyway. There are plenty of crap days out there. But when the awesome ones come around, enjoy them. 

Writing, for me, really is about the journey.

Luke, I am your mother. (kiddo corner)

This week I went to check out a church preschool that an acquaintance recommended. Really liked the director, the program, and am thinking it'd be fun for Lukey to get his social butterfly on. So when he's two, he might be packing his little bookbag and heading to preschool for a couple hours, twice a week. 

Pix for your viewing pleasure . . . 

Just keep swimming. (all the randomness) 

I'm obsessed with the show Dead Like Me. It's like grim reapers are part of a supernatural temp-agency. Really well scripted and acted. (Is there a book series it was based on??) Have you watched it? But it leads me to this question... How, HOW, is there only TWO seasons?? While The Vampire Diaries is seriously on like season a thousand?? 

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, the next Fever book is out. HOLLA. My FAVE urban fantasy series. Love me some Karen Marie Moning. She's so talented!

Enjoy my Friday Feed? Here's more to delight you.


Stepping on Legos . . . karen

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