January 26, 2016

Lost the toddler? Check the cupboards! Hiding. The new peek-a-boo. #AmazonPrime #childproof #TryItTuesday

Try It Tuesday . . . Wherein I review things and stuff.

Does your kitchen floor look like a culinary graveyard? Pots and pans marking the spots of fallen Cheerios?

Now it can be an unmarked Cheerio graveyard.

Three cheers for toddler* proofing.

*because babies can't open cabinets

Today's product: Kiscords Baby Safety Cabinet Lock

Where to find: Basically you know where I shop... Amazon
Average cost: $7.99
Lasts: A long time

Karen's rating: 

These cabinet locks are FAN-freaking-TASTIC They've kept our super-strong 16-month-old locked out. The locks are soo easy to install (no tools required). Plus, they don't damage your cabinet doors, and they're portable. 

BONUS: Looking for locks for your drawers? These have been wonderful. (Definitely FIVE balloons.) Easy installation and removal (not portable though). Check them out here

How do you baby/toddler proof? What say you?


Wanna see more red balloons go by? Thought so. Check out my previous reviews*
*Reviews are my own opinions, I am not paid to promote any items.


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