January 5, 2016

Does your shower save you time AND give you smooth skin? Mine does! ;) #productreview

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I'm all about saving time. Especially, now that I've got a toddler who acts like he's had about four shots of espresso instead of milk. But even if you don't have a hurricane in your house, you're probably still doing all-the-things and can appreciate a little time-saving goodness.

I just happened to come across this goody last summer in Walmart and made an impulse buy. Glad I did, because I've been slathering it all over my body ever since.

Today's product: Nivea In-shower Body Lotion

Where to find it: Pretty much any drugstore. I've gotten the best price at Walmart.

Average cost: $5.99 per bottle

Lasts: Using it daily, about 12 to 14 days.

Karen's rating: 

So why is it so cool??? Welllll, it's lotion that you do IN THE SHOWER. Right? I always got annoyed with how sticky normal lotion left my skin. And I couldn't put clothes on immediately after lotioning, because it had to dry. Not really a huge deal, until you don't have to worry about it anymore. And then it's like, um, how did I live my life prior to in-shower lotion?? 

How do you use it? Glad you asked. Wash your body per usual. Next, apply the in-shower lotion to whatever body parts you'd normally lotion, and then rinse it off. That's it. You're done. Get out of the shower and dry off. No stickiness. Get dressed right away. Live your life.

Side note: the directions say not to apply in-shower lotion to your feet. That's probably Nivea just covering their butts from a lawsuit, in case someone falls in the shower. I use the in-shower lotion on my feet though, and I haven't slipped.

Does it actually work? Yup. Sure enough. I have medium to dry skin, and I've tried all four of the in-shower lotions Nivea has available. My favorite is this one...

More info here. Have you tried it? What say you?

Nivea showers bring May flowers, or something . . . karen

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