March 25, 2016

When THE END feels SOO good. Bunnies, eggs, and other unrelated things. #amwriting #FridayFeed

Friday Feed . . . Doing things and stuff.

Call me Karen. (writing words)

So, this was me earlier this week. Why? Cos, I typed THE END on my first ever middle grade novel. HOLLA.


Gotta say, this story... It's all the feels. And, believe me, I felt all of them writing it. I'm so, so very excited about this story. Don't tell the others, but it's my favorite. Shhhh. I said don't tell them.

I'm pretty proud of myself for sticking to just one POV (point-of-view) for this story. Normally, I do at least three. This one, I only heard the one voice. And it thrilled me.

Right now I'm going through it to smooth out the first draft messiness, and then I plan to have it to my betas by the end of March.

And then, hopefully, off to my freelance editor by the end of April/early May.

So. Excited.

Luke, I am your mother. (kiddo corner)

Been a low-key kind of week. Stayed home all week to make sure the Lukey was fully recovered from last week's plague. Thankfully, he is. Totally full of energy and an appetite that won't quit. WOOT. Currently, he's in the kitchen pulling out all the things from all the drawers. 

Pix for your viewing pleasure . . . 

Just keep swimming. (all the randomness)

Crazy week! Recovering from the plague and getting the house ready for fam. Excited to have family visiting for the Easter weekend.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Enjoy my Friday Feed? Here's more to delight you.

Reminder: This isn't the Hunger Games. Egg hunt responsibly . . . karen

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