February 19, 2016

Coffee + Words x Parenting = My Week #FridayFeed #amwriting

Friday Feed . . . Doing things and stuff.

Call me Karen. (writing words)

Lots of staring at the screen and twiddling my thumbs this week. BUT, words were written. Progress is happening. And, if I can keep going at my current pace, my middle grade novel should be finished--erm, first draft anyway--by the end of March. WOOT. 

I'm at that point in the novel where I start to feel like it's crap. I'm crap. Everything is crap. You know? Ever feel like that? 

I'm pushin' past it though. Cos, this story needs to be told. Plus, I can so clearly see the climax (black moment) for my heroine. It actually makes me get a lump in my throat and go all teary-eyed when I think about it. 

*cues all the emotions*

Luke, I am your mother. (kiddo corner)

Lukey has learned to climb on and off the couch BY HIMSELF. Omigosh, he's growing up so fast. It's cray.

He can also reach the power button on the front of the TV. If he learns how to operate the tablet, he'll be casting Netflix...it'll be Puffin Rock ALL the time. He loves that show, btw. There are sooo many, many kid shows that just suck. Or are annoying. Or both.

Puffin Rock is different. The Hubs and I are actually excited for season two to release in May. LOL 

Pix for your viewing pleasure . . . 

Just keep swimming. (all the randomness) 

Sooo, it snowed all day on Monday, and then, Tuesday happened and it was springtime. Coastal Virginia weather is INSANE in the brain. 

Totally binged on Betas. It's an Amazon Prime show. Kinda like HBO's Silcon Valley, but a little less gritty. Both shows are pretty cool. Just waiting for Silcon Valley to gimme a new season.

The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul are back. HOLLA. Are you watching? 

Saw Deadpool for Valentine's. LOVED it. Even the opening credits were awesome. To be honest, I don't normally read them, but I read all of these. My fave was: The Writers...the real superheroes. Hahaha. So true. So true.

NOTE: Just like your favorite TV shows, I too am taking a hiatus. Don't worry, I'll be back on 7 March. 

BONUS: My local RWA chapter is having our annual conference on 5 March in Williamsburg, VA. So if you can make it, come on out. More info here.


Enjoy my Friday Feed? Here's more to delight you.


More cheese, please . . . karen

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