February 5, 2016

Words, toddlers, and zombies. My week in a nutshell. #FridayFeed #amwriting

Friday Feed . . . Doing things and stuff.

Call me Karen. (writing words)

Words. Words are happening, peoples. I'm only a thousand shiny new ones away from the HALFWAY mark on my middle grade work-in-progress. Holy WOW. The words have not been super easy this week, but they've definitely been steady. To make certain I get between 800-1000 words per day, I've been writing at 6:30am before the kiddo wakes up. Again whilst the kiddo naps. And if I haven't met my word count, I write after he goes to bed. 

This manuscript, man. I'm in love.

Luke, I am your mother. (kiddo corner)

Been a fun week--except for a mild case of puking, more on that in a minute. Monday was all the gorgeous and waaaarm. Went to the park, but Lukey wasn't having any of that outdoors crap (crazy boy). So we went to the gym instead--where he gets to play with little kids, unplug the water-fountain, and walk around like a zombie.

Tuesday we had story time at the library, and omigosh, Lukey was all over the place. lol Wednesday we had a playdate in Williamsburg with our good friend Judith and her littlest (Ps. click that link to browse her super cool eBay clothing shop).

Thursday was a rain-in kinda day. Mainly just tried to recover from puking the night before. I dunno what it is, but I swear I pick up some kind of puking disease every other time I go to the gym. Do people not wash their freaking hands??

I digress. Feeling much better. Today we have another playdate. Wherein I don't have to cook. Yay. Saturday the Hubs will be watching Lukey, whilst I eat some brains. Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies, baby! 

Few super cute things the kiddo is doing at 16 months: squealing like a stuck hog during his sleep, signing 'all done' when he's had enough to eat, poking his finger really hard on the table when he wants more food, and knocking on the window to make cars drive by.

Pix for your viewing pleasure . . . 

Just keep swimming. (all the randomness) 

So, a long, long time ago. Back in the year 2011, I watched two episodes of Grimm and was all: no, thanks. Well, five years later--and considering they're still making new episodes--I decided to give it another try. What was wrong with Past Karen?? Present Karen is massively intrigued by this show. Let the binge-fest continue. 

BONUS: My local RWA chapter is having our annual conference on 5 March in Williamsburg, VA. So if you can make it, come on out. More info here.

Enjoy my Friday Feed? Here's more to delight you.


Colors of the rainbow are very good to know . . . karen

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