February 8, 2016

Motivation. Need some? Five tips for finding motivation to write. #writeon #amwriting

Monday Motivation . . . Writerly things and stuff.

Let's do this.

1) Write naked. Just not at Starbucks. Unless it's in a nudist community. Basically, whatever seems to be working. Do it.

2) Same Time. Same Place. There's something kind of reassuring about routine. Whether it's pajamas and tea in your fave recliner or the corner table at your local coffee shop after ten espresso shots, routine can inspire. It's like a trigger: sit, sip, write. Repeat. Trick your brain into giving your hands the words.

3) Set a daily goal. Doesn't matter what it is. Ten words or ten pages. Anything is better than nothing. Basic physics, right? Words in motion stay in motion. Something like that.

4) Share your goals. Try it on social networks. Tell your friends and followers that you're going to write three thousand words today--that's wayyy more than I usually write, but there are prolific peeps out there. And then update them. I bet it'll make you at least write something, even if you don't reach the goal. Accountability, man. Give it a go. Also, try group support, like 1k1hr on Twitter. Or if you're really brave, write or die can force the words out of you.

5) Give yourself permission to write badly. It's hard. I know. But, it's the first draft. There's always draft ten or twelve to worry about typos, alliteration, and tying up plot threads. Words--even ones that are a hot mess--can be fixed. A blank page can't.


Bonus inspiration.

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On the writing island . . . karen


  1. That's such a great post of motivation and even inspiration. Thank you a lot cause such posts do really motivate a lot!

    1. My pleasure! I'm happy that you found it helpful :)

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