March 15, 2016

Horses and ducks and trucks...oh my! Neigh. Quack. BEEP. #TryItTuesday #childrensbooks #amreading

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Looking for a fantastic children's book with just the right amount of words, beautiful illustrations, and a thoughtful message? 

Do I have the book for you. 

Little Blue Truck is a wonderful, fun read!

Today's product: Little Blue Truck

Where to find: Amazon | Blue's Website | Library (FREE)
Average cost: $FREE to $25
Lasts: Until your kiddo destroys it.

Karen's rating: 

What's so great about another truck book? Blue is relate-able, kind of like a little kid, learning and exploring the world around him. The best part for me (as an adult) is that the book number 1, isn't boring and has good rhythm when reading aloud. Number 2, has a simple, yet thoughtful message. Number 3, is illustrated in a lovely/rustic (not garish) manner.

My 17-month-old has been all about this book since well before his first birthday. He enjoys when my hubby and I make the animal sounds, and he loves to point/find the animals. He brings us this book and another in the series (Little Blue Truck's Christmas) almost every night to read to him. Lots of times he'll get this book from his bookcase and climb onto the couch to look at it by himself. 

Another thing I love about this book/series: the toad. Blue and Toad are good friends. So sweet.

Also, totally pumped for Little Blue Truck's Halloween, releasing in July. WOOT.


Do you have a favorite board book or children's series? What say you?


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