March 22, 2016

A book fell on my head. I can only blame my shelf. :P #TryItTuesday #AmazonPrime #funwithpuns

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This bookshelf could totally be used for children's books or as a sleek magazine rack or a modern-minimalist chic bookcase for your every day reads and cookbooks. 

Today's product: KidKraft Bookshelf, natural

Where to find: Amazon | Walmart
Average cost: $35
Lasts: Still have ours after 2 years

Karen's rating: 

Why is this such a great bookshelf?

So . . . 

Hubs and I bought the natural color bookshelf for our son's nursery. We love it. I actually recently moved it to the living room, because so many of the toddler's books have ended up there. It looks great next to our fireplace.

Currently, I have 27 board books in this bookshelf. About 4 of those are fairly large books (wide) and another 5 or so are medium-sized and thick-ish books.

Also . . .

One, it holds a ton. Two, it doesn't scream I'm-a-kid's-bookcase-whoohoo-look-at-my-bright-arse-colors (there is a brighter version though, if primary colors are your thang). Three, it can definitely grow with us. So, after the kiddo starts collecting more books than we can keep up with, I'll probably use this bookshelf in my dining room for cookbooks--so, it's totally versatile. Four, it was easy to put together (at least it was for my Hubs, I did lay out all the pieces and instructions) with minimal cursing.

How do you store your books? What say you?


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