April 5, 2016

The perfect breakfast for peeps on the go. Quality carbohydrates. Talk foodie to me :P #TryItTuesday

Try It Tuesday . . . Wherein I review things and stuff.

It's a cracker that's like a cookie that's like a biscuit.

Basically, belVita is the Matrix--of cereal.
Oh yeah. Mind blown. I know, right? 

Today's product: Belvita Breakfast Biscuits

Where to find: Amazon | Walmart
Average cost: $3 to more (depends on amount, flavor, etc.)
Lasts: Until you finish eating them or the expiration date, whichever happens first

Karen's rating: 

Why is this such a great cracker/biscuit/thingy?

1) They're delicious. Yummy in your tummy.

2) They're SO convenient. Shove a pack into your pocket, purse, booksack, or bag . . . annnd, go.

3) They've got a ton of variety for a myriad of palates. Chocolate, blueberry, cinnamon, honey oat, etc. Plus, get them in the soft/fluffy variety or as mini bites.

4) They're totally versatile. Eat them alone or crumbled into yogurt or oatmeal. Slather 'em in peanut butter and honey. Do you.

Ohh, just thought of a fifth, they can be breakfast, second breakfast, or a snack for you and the toddler. Toddlers love crackers and cookies. Trust me. 

Buy in bulk from your big box store. That's how we roll. Holla.

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How do you breakfast? Or second breakfast? What eat you?


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