April 19, 2016

Shampoo that makes your hair thicker, saves you time, AND smells like heaven... Yes, please! #TryItTuesday #AmazonPrime

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Losing a TON of hair in the shower? Feel like the hairline is on the rise? Yeah, me too.

Ever since a terribly stressful event in college, plus my seborrheic dermatitis (which I now have under control thanks to this product), multiplied by having a baby and my hair had seen thicker days. Until I started using this awesome shampoo!

Seriously. It was love at first scrub.

Today's product: Organic Argan Oil Shampoo (hair growth therapy)

Where to find: Amazon
Average cost: $26 (totally worth it)
Lasts: Until the bottle runs out, which will probably be a while for me because I only wash my hair two times a week and use a quarter-sized amount

Karen's rating: 

Why is this such wonderful shampoo?

Of course, I was skeptical at first--because I naturally always am--and didn't have very high hopes, but after about two week I could totally tell a difference. HOLLA.

1) It actually works. I can see new growth around my hairline, which I seriously never thought would ever thicken up.

2) It smells ahhhhmazing. Like, professional salon shampoo amazing.

3) I don't find clumps of hair on the shower floor after I've washed my hair. For real. I used to find gobs and wads and gunks of hair. Not now. It's staying firmly rooted to my scalp. Score.

4) Saves me time. I don't have to use conditioner anymore. The argan oil in this shampoo is rich enough to condition my hair.


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