December 18, 2013

She couldn’t live in this dream world. Not anymore... #LONGING Doin' Midweek Mayhem #likeaboss!

Working it out…
  • (My novella...) Currently working on round number 2 of edits with a January 1st deadline! The anthology is scheduled to release early next year!
  • (Holidays) Almost done Christmas shopping! Hubs did the wrapping, of course--cause we all know Banshee's can't wrap. I did, however, rock as a demon tape dispenser! :P
  • (The Mayhem) Since the next two Wednesdays are Christmas and then New Year's Day, I'll be taking a break from posting. But I'll be back and ready to get my blog on next year! ;) Thank you for stopping by! Y'all rock! <3 And now... Banshee. Make. Snow! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Hearing voices…
Cover art by Danielle Fine
  • Check out my stunning cover inspiration for my dark and gritty new adult urban fantasy with cursed dragon shifters (right beside this paragraph) designed by the talented Danielle Fine!!!
  • Twitter pitch for BecomingAfter a transplant gives Zoe a dragon shifter’s heart, she learns that her online boyfriend is her donor and...a girl.
 Today I'm sharing, an extra long, snippet #25 from the Becoming prequel titled Longing (unedited and in Taylor's POV)! Read snippets here: #1#2#3#4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, #20, #21, #22, #23, #24. Excited for y'all to get to know my dragons better :) 

Longing - Chapter 1 (snippet #25)... 

Taylor couldn’t start following Zoe on Twitter. Could she? No, she couldn’t allow herself that indulgence, listening to her read was guilty pleasure enough. Besides, if she did, she would learn things about Zoe that would make it even more difficult to say goodbye in the end. If Taylor never had her, she could never lose her.

Palming the phone in her pocket, Taylor forced herself to start walking. She took one step and looked into the playroom. Zoe had stopped reading. She pulled her legs up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them, watching as the children played.

The kindness of the girl nearly brought Taylor to her knees. She wanted desperately to be Zoe’s rock. To comfort her, hold her, kiss her. No, she wouldn’t allow herself to feel these things.

Claws of ice began to scrape through her mind. The beast grew restless inside of her. Soon it would demand a sacrifice. Taylor tried to think of calming things, Zoe’s melodious voice, a cup of steaming Jasmine tea, and an hour of indulging herself in Zoe’s reading time with the children.

She squeezed her eyes shut and pinched the bridge of her nose. Ridiculous. She couldn’t live in this dream world. Not anymore. To continue coming here, listening to Zoe, longing to know her was only teasing Taylor with a fantasy that could never happen.

Lost in her thoughts, Taylor didn’t notice Zoe shift toward the door. The beautiful girl lifted her fingers in a wave, keeping her arms coiled to her knees. Pain etched its mark across her crinkled brow, yet she offered a gentle smile. Heat rushed down Taylor’s spine in a frenzy of flames, melting the frozen beast within.

“Hi,” Zoe spoke in the cadence that could bring a dragon to its knees.


Cover art by Danielle Fine
Waiting game...
  • Running From Shadows is currently with 2 lovely agents!
  • Requests currently out for Becoming are 6 total! Squee!!!  *fingers and toes crossed* 

Bonus material... 
*Writers, looking for a talented editor? I highly recommend Danielle FineShe's edited four manuscripts of mine and has taught me so much! I'm a stronger writer because of her guidance. Also, she designed my beautiful inspiration cover art for Becoming and Running From ShadowsAnnnnd she created the book trailer for Witch Way to Turn! 
*For more information on Dani's editing services, cover design, book trailer creation and website design stop by her site!

Random Alert! Alert. Alert. Alert...
Two and a half hours of work, right here! O.o

Had a great time with the hubs at his work holiday party at the Air and Space Museum on Saturday! We sat with his boss and wife and they were so much fun to talk to. We were there for over five hours, but it totally didn't feel like it! Except...for the last hour or so my butt went totally numb cos of the tiny, uncomfortable chairs :P

The demon pup totally photo-bombed my pic before the holiday party!

Merry Christmas from me and my dragons!

This. Just because :)

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