December 11, 2013

Immortality plus mortality would never equal forever... #LONGING Doin' Midweek Mayhem #likeaboss!

Working it out…
  • (My novella...) First round of edits are with my editor! I won't lie...they were intense and I cut/rewrote A LOT, but I think it's going to be a much better story for it. The anthology is scheduled to release early next year!
  • (Holidays) So, erm, for the past two weeks I've lived online...buying all the gifts O.o Thank goodness for Amazon Prime!! This was me when I realized Christmas was only 13 days away...

The Kickstarter campaign for Dead New World by Ryan Hill ends on Saturday! Have you fed the zombies yet? Help bring the undead to life with your support!

Hearing voices…
Cover art by Danielle Fine
  • Check out my stunning cover inspiration for my dark and gritty new adult urban fantasy with cursed dragon shifters (right beside this paragraph) designed by the talented Danielle Fine!!!
  • Twitter pitch for BecomingAfter a transplant gives Zoe a dragon shifter’s heart, she learns that her online boyfriend is her donor and...a girl.
 Today I'm sharing snippet #24 from the Becoming prequel titled Longing (unedited and in Taylor's POV)! Read snippets here: #1#2#3#4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, #20, #21, #22, #23. Excited for y'all to get to know my dragons better :) 

Longing - Chapter 1 (snippet #24)... 

Life meant something different to Taylor. For her it had no end. For Zoe, the end could be at any moment. Cold realization settled into Taylor’s bones. Even if Zoe was healthy, they could never be together. Immortality plus mortality would never equal forever. “Yeah, it is,” she said through numb lips. What else could she say? Taylor couldn’t compete with death.

Donna pushed off the wall and started toward the nurse’s station but stopped and turned back around. “What’s that app y’all kids are always sending text messages on?”

Taylor shrugged.

“You know, the one with the blue bird.” Donna shoved her hands into her pockets.


“Yeah, that’s it. She just got an account today. She’s lonely. She could really use a friend.” After administering a shot of guilt, Donna strode to her cluttered workspace and started entering data into her computer.


Cover art by Danielle Fine
Waiting game...
  • Running From Shadows is currently with 2 lovely agents!
  • Requests currently out for Becoming are 6 total! Squee!!!  *fingers and toes crossed* 

Bonus material... 
*Writers, looking for a talented editor? I highly recommend Danielle FineShe's edited four manuscripts of mine and has taught me so much! I'm a stronger writer because of her guidance. Also, she designed my beautiful inspiration cover art for Becoming and Running From ShadowsAnnnnd she created the book trailer for Witch Way to Turn! 
*For more information on Dani's editing services, cover design, book trailer creation and website design stop by her site!

Random Alert! Alert. Alert. Alert...
Hubs made s'mores cookies for my coworker's b-day and I got to taste test... Nom. Nom. Nom. Banshee pleased!

My thought exactly.
Banshee rockin' a bored selfie on her lunch break :P


  1. Is it a bored selfie or a wee bit mischievous selfie? Lol. Great post!