August 28, 2013

Midweek Mayhem: Wherein Banshee makes a mess of her souls. Annd! LONGING #Snippet12 #DragonsFTW

Working it out…
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  • (NEW) Check out my awesome friend Meghan Schuler's vlog post wherein she tries to pick up Twitter with bookish wiles :P The 'fine print' line kills! lolz
    Random. Adorable. Vid!
    And now 30 seconds of a Vizsla playing in a pool ;) Why? Cos this is how a demon pup is supposed to behave...however, mine is weird and loathes water :P

    Hearing voices…
    Twitter pitch for BecomingAfter a transplant gives Zoe a dragon shifter’s heart, she learns that her online boyfriend is her donor and...a girl.
    Cover art by Danielle Fine
     Today I'm sharing snippet #12 from the Becoming prequel titled Longing (unedited and in Taylor's POV)! Read snippets here: #1#2#3#4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11. Excited for y'all to get to know my dragons better...

    Longing - Chapter 1 (snippet #12)

    Walk in without an animal and scope the place out? Might seem oddly suspect. Hopefully they sold dog food or toys or something, and she could make a purchase.

    As she started to get out, two people exited the backdoor of the building. The man wore tacky yellow and blue scrubs while the woman wore a white lab coat with bright green scrub pants. She had a Golden Retriever on a leash, but dropped the lead as soon as the door clicked shut. Seconds later the woman pushed the guy up against the side of the building, kissing him so hard that Taylor expected his clothes to be ripped off at any second.

    The dog ran around in circles for a few minutes chasing his tail and dragging the leash over the gravel outside the dog run. Then he spotted something in the distance and the barking commenced.


    Cover art by Danielle Fine
    Waiting game...

      • On week #24 of waiting to hear back from a lovely agent who is reading Running From Shadows.
      • Requests currently out for Becoming are 9 total! Squee!!! *fingers and toes crossed*

        Bonus material... 
        *Writers, looking for a talented editor? I highly recommend Danielle FineShe's edited four manuscripts of mine and has taught me so much! I'm a stronger writer because of her guidance. Also she designed my beautiful inspiration cover art for Becoming and Running From Shadows! Annnnd she created the book trailer for Witch Way to Turn!
        *For more information on Dani's editing services, cover design, book trailer creation and website design stop by her site >>>> here!

        Random Alert! Alert. Alert. Alert... 

        Clouds before a storm...

        All day writing last Saturday...Banshee made a mess of her souls. See all the little leftovers? :P

        At the movie theater last Wednesday to see The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones... These signs crack me up!

        Mentioned on Twitter last week that my toenail polish matched my skirt exactly... Told ya so ;)

        Me attacking the demon's how I love, aggressively :P


      1. Loved the video of the vizsa puppy playing in the water. The video that you shared yesterday of the vizsla stalking the wolf statue was hilarius! Excited for you on the requests for Becoming! Great blog!

      2. I loved video of the vizsla puppy playing in the water. The video yesterday of the vizsla stalking the wolf statue was hillarious! Great blog! So excited for you on the requests for Becoming!

      3. Sorry about the double post. I thought the first one didn't work. :)