August 7, 2013

Cover reveal for UNBREAKABLE LOVE by @YeseniaVargas32!! #firstlove #contemp #YA #indie

Cover reveal for Unbreakable Love by Yesenia Vargas!!!

Ariana is almost seventeen years old, and her parents won’t let her go out with friends or do anything else that’s fun. She can’t wait until her birthday, when she’ll finally be able to get her driver’s license, her car, and hopefully, a little more freedom.

Meanwhile, she’s met Carlos, a hot senior who mesmerizes her. Ariana lets first love sweep her away after she finds out Carlos feels the same way about her.

The problem is she’s not allowed to have a boyfriend.

With the help of her best friend and reluctant younger brother, Jimmy, Ariana finally experiences what everyone else in high school has already gone through: love, parties, and not telling her parents everything she’s up to.

However, everyone around her soon realizes her boyfriend, Carlos, isn’t such a great guy. But she’s fallen in too deep and realizes Carlos isn’t all bad. He just has a troubled past and needs help, someone to be there for him.

But if Ariana doesn’t find the courage to finally leave him or help him change, she, her best friend, and Jimmy could be placed in harm’s way.

*Looking for something different? Good because Unbreakable Love is not your typical YA romance. It also showcases and tests the bonds of friendship and family.*

Unbreakable Love will be released September 2013! 

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  1. I cannot wait to read this book. It sounds great!

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