October 6, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors: Fear. That was it...RUNNING FROM SHADOWS | Heart to Heart finalist! #RWA #8Sunday #YAPNR

Today I'm sharing from my (unpublished) young adult paranormal romance Running From Shadows!

Follow Greta Shore (a 17-year-old, black-haired wiccan beauty) and Paxton "Pax" Craig (an 18-year-old, blond-haired college student with a dark secret) as they discover the fate of their forbidden love.
Set-up (last week)... Greta runs away from her surprise engagement partthrough the woodsPax saves her from a shadow demon. Oh, and he's a unicorn! 
Back at Pax's cabin, Greta and Pax talk. He tells her that the shadow has fed on her, but they don't feed on witches' blood. Erm, she's a witch, so what the hellz? He asks, "Ever get so angry or miserable it physically hurts?" Yeah, that time with Bain. She couldn't think about it. Wouldn't...

Cover Art by Danielle Fine

Paxton nodded as if he knew he’d hit a nerve. But how could he?

Fear. That was it…“They feed on human emotions.”
“Yes. Although their favorite emotion, the one that gives them the most power, is the misery of witches, anyone’s fear is a close second. And the longer they feed off the same person, the more powerful they become.”

Tune in next week for more angsty spooky goodness!

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Because being a warrior is hard work, here's a vid from the Running From Shadows playlist to reward all you sexy, sweaty peeps ;)

Love You Like a Love Song by Selena Gomez

(Track #13)
Extra! Extra!

* (NEW) Guess what? Running From Shadows finaled in the 2013 Heart to Heart contest!!!

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  1. Nice eight, Karen--now I finally know how they were able to feed on her! Congrats on being a finalist in the contest!

  2. This is starting to make sense, great job!

  3. Oh man! I hope they haven't been feeding on her too long! Poor girl! I love the part about the misery of witches! That was great!

  4. You've really thought this through! Great snippet.

  5. Interesting new details. I'm with Gemma, this snippet really shows how well you've thought out your world building. Great 8!

  6. Makes sense, and a lot of positive feedback potential.

  7. that makes her a valuable feeding source. great 8

  8. Poor girl, cant wait to see where it leads, great eight.

  9. Emotional vampires feeding on misery... that's not good. Sounds like they'd keep witches alive and unhappy for a good meal, not a good possible future. o.O