October 7, 2013

You asked for it... You got it! Wherein the #demonpup takes over my blog... Humans, hide your souls!!!

His name is Bynum. Russell Bynum. A.K.A Rusty… A.K.A. the Demon Pup. However, he will answer to bunny, horsey, pony, kitty, poog, toog, naner and/or good boy. He’s not spoiled at all. You believe that, right?

So where do demon pups come from? Well, ours came from the faraway land of Kenosha, Wisconsin. The Hubs and I had only been married about eight months when we decided we needed a puppy. After much research we decided on a Vizsla, which is a Hungarian pointing dog. Of course, we had to pick a breed that wasn’t in the tri-state area…

Thus began our fourteen-hour trek from North Carolina to Wisconsin in 2007. We left on a Saturday morning, got to the breeder’s house around midnight. They wanted us to meet the litter before we picked. Interestingly enough, we hadn’t originally thought Rusty would be our pick—we had thought his larger brother would be the one for us. But once we met the demon pup in person, his adorable and crazed manner stole our souls—uh, I mean hearts. We were his. Forever.

Me & Bunny
So what are demon pups like? Well, I’m glad you asked. :P Rusty is the most cat-like dog I have ever met. He is terrified of water, even baths—keep in mind he’s supposed to be a water dog. He’s obsessed with licking and grooming himself. He prances. Some would say it’s a deer-esque stride… I like to think he’s on the prowl like a fierce red dog-lion. And lastly, he spins around and around before finding the perfect cozy spot to curl up in and nap for hours.

Are demon pups nocturnal? No. Rusty sleeps all night. Every night. Unless he’s had a Big Gulp of water before bed. He sleeps more than any animal or person I know! And he loves to sleep fully underneath the covers. He starts out in a tight little ball next to me when he falls asleep, but by the time he wakes up he’s on top of the covers sprawled out on Hubs. He normally gets up with me around 4:30AM to go outside, and then he waits for me to give him a bite of my breakfast before he goes back to bed until the Hubs gets up around 8:00AM.

What do demon pups eat? Rusty loves, loves, loves French fries and green beans. He absolutely detests mushrooms and lettuce. Oh, just found out this week that he likes black olives! *gives him all of mine because…gross* His all-time fave current treat: animal crackers. I use them to play Search. It’s a little game where Rusty pup waits in the kitchen while I go to the living room and hide an animal cracker—or animal cookie, as I call them. Then, I go back to the kitchen and give the Search command. He takes off sniffing and snorting. I usually have to help him though because he sometimes forgets to sniff and instead just searches with his eyes. So I’m the one pointing…for a Pointer.

Eat the dragon slippers, yes?

If we’re not playing Search, then Hubs is probably playing tug-a-war or wrestling with him. Rusty loves to play! If he’s not playing or sleeping, he’s manipulating us into giving him treats. He stands around the kitchen while we’re making dinner, waiting for us to drop something. Because anything on the floor is fair game. Duh. If we don’t drop something, he’ll sit—we call it pretty sitting—and stare at us until he gets a treat. We always cave. Why? He’s a demon pup. He owns our souls, remember?

I started calling him the demon pup because of a picture of him going crazy as a puppy running around the apartment. Really he’s just a cutie pie, love bug, baby boy who loves to have his picture taken, has the softest ears of any dog ever—no, really, EVER—and is so patient with me…because I love to torment him by touching his paws, flopping his ears and scooting him away from Hubs so that I can sit next to Hubs. Demon pups like to be in the middle. >_<

A few of the demon pup’s favorite past times include: chasing bugs, capturing them and then toying with them for a good ten minutes before leaving them to die a slow death; sleeping on his fave blanky; eating the leftover yogurt from the container; staring out the window; barking at things that are out of places in the house; and finally, being with his humans.

Can you see why he’s a demon? Spoiled. Rotten.

Bonus material... The many faces of the demon pup! Bwa. Ha. Ha.


I want to eat your soul.

*uses Jedi mind tricks* Don't read. Pet me.

My blankey.

Again with the reading? Really, human.

What are you sayin' about me, huh??


  1. Russell. Love it! Fabulous post. Pets are amazing the way they get into our hearts. Rusty has so many quirks and individual personality traits, he's too cute!

    1. teehee Thanks, Marlene! They so are! Rusty definitely is one quirky, spoiled pup! :D

  2. Ok. I love the Rusty pup. My mum has a dog named Rusty as well. They will call him Russell sometimes too...or Rustolieum.

    Pets are just so fantastic. They just complete us in a way that is so indescribable.

    1. Awww, thanks, Heather! He's a special fella. Russell is so good to say when he truly is being a little demon :P lol

      You are so right, pets are just so fantastic! <3 them!!

  3. He'll be expecting more treats now that he's got his own blogpost! :) Fun post, Karen.

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