December 29, 2012

Witch Way To Turn + Book Trailer = Click Here! Such a tease...

Hello there, my darlings!! In case you haven't seen it on my Twitter feed, Facebook page or their slightly overlooked sibling (Google +)... I have exciting news to share!!! The Witch Way to Turn book trailer--designed by the wonderfully talented Danielle Fine--was recommended by USA Today!! (Click here to read the article!) 
So, I realize that's a lot of exclamation points, but AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
*spins around and around and around*
I am just so honored and thrilled and and and and totally stoked!!!
Now...if you haven't seen it, go on, take a know you wanna!! ;) And while you're on there, it would thrill my soul if you'd 'like' it and share it! Good things will come to those who thrill a banshee's soul.
Yup, that's a fact! :P Muah!!

Would you like a custom designed book trailer? Check out Definition by Danielle Fine!


  1. Hey, congrats on the mention and rave on USA Today! That's wonderful!

  2. Woohoo!! I'm dancing with you. Tweeted this post and the HEA one!

    1. Aww! Love to happy dance with you! :D Thanks so much, Ella!!

  3. That is so huge and amazing! Great trailer. I hope it sells you a million copies!

    Happy New Year,

    1. Thank you Marlena!! I was absolutely thrilled!!! :D I love the trailer so much!! Dani did a fantastic job creating it!! Happy New Year!