December 24, 2012

Christmas and Witch Way to Turn... What do they have in common? Click to find out! Go on, you wanna ;) #YAPNR

Hello, my darlings! The answer... They are both AWESOME. Just sayin' :)
Ohh and by the way...  It's Christmas Eve!! Are you ready??  Quick, quick! Hurry, hurry! Santa and his reindeer will be landing on your roof before you know it! But first, I wanted to share a Christmas memory with you...

I love Christmas! It’s such a magical time, especially Christmas Eve. As a child I’d get so excited about Christmas Day that going to sleep the night before was pretty much impossible. I’d lie in bed daydreaming about reindeer clomping on the roof of the house and wondering how Santa would get inside since we didn’t have a chimney. I still get really excited on Christmas Eve. There’s just something about the anticipation of Christmas Day, spending time with those we love and hoping for snow.

One of my fave Christmas memories was the first year my hubby and I moved into our house in Virginia (see pic). We picked out a tree together, listened to Christmas music and decorated the tree while our pup, named Rusty, tried to pull all the ornaments down. lol It was fun! We didn’t spend Christmas Day at our house though because we traveled back to North Carolina to see family. This year, however, will be the first Christmas we actually wake up in our own house. We don’t have a tree this year because we traveled a lot this month, but we do have the Christmas cards out, the small LED tree on the mantel and a holiday flavored air freshener making the entire house smell like frosted cranberries. teehee

So I’m totally ready to wake up Christmas Day in my own house, cook a delicious breakfast with the hubby, exchange gifts, go to the movie theatre to see The Hobbit, and then just relax. Oh, and the cooking breakfast part will probably be more like me watching the hubby cook while I drink coffee. *winks*

Merry Christmas, everyone, and have a Happy New Year!!


Oh and maybe a wee bit of shameless self-promotion? Yes? Okay, here ya go! :P 

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Ohh and if the HUGE discount doesn't convince you to click the buy now button, the awesome book trailer by the amazingly talented Danielle Fine will!! And did you know, one of her book trailers (Saving Casey by Liza O'Connor) was recommended by USA Today? Sure was! So... Go on, watch it, you know you wanna! :P Muah!

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