March 6, 2013

Midweek Mayhem: My dragons need an agent!! Send them to NYC! #Vote78 #BECOMING Muah!!

Working it out…
  • (NEW) Be my hero?? Send me to NYC, and I promise I won't let Banshee take your soul! *crosses my heart* #78 Becoming vote here! xoxoxo
  • (NEW) Check out Dream On by Renita Pizzitola here! An adult fantasy novel: Her quest begins when she closes her eyes.
  • (NEW) Starting Saturday, 9 March through the end of the month, I'll be participating in J.A. Belfield's Bookaroo-Ju Blogaversary Giveaway! More deets to come here!
  • (NEW) Pitch-Fest starts on Sunday, 10 March! So polish those pitches! Check it out here!
  • (NEW) Thursday, 7 March, cover reveal for my lovely friend Heather Van Fleet's debut novel When It's Least Expected!!!! 
Hearing voices…
Cover art by Danielle Fine
  • My dark and gritty work-in-progress, titled Becoming, (a new adult urban fantasy with cursed dragon shifters) is currently with my amazing editor!!! So excited to make this story sparkle and then pitch it at RT and RWA in a few months! Agents, you're gonna want this super bad! Just sayin' ;D
  • Check out my stunning cover inspiration (right side above this paragraph) designed by the talented Danielle Fine!!! 
  • (Read last week's snippet, here) Now, for an unedited teaser for you (one of the two heroine's POV--Zoe Moore, the raven-haired beauty with lots of neuroses). Zoe has just seen her skin flash to scales...serious freak-out moment! She's in the restroom of the gym on UNC Charlotte's campus...
  • (Teaser) She cut off the water and took a couple deep breaths. This was all too much. The weird puffs of smoke, the sensation of always being too hot and now flashing scales. How could this be happening? This was not what she’d expected for a second chance at life.

    She noticed the hand dryer on the wall but kept walking. By the time she reached the exit, her arm and hands were dry. This had to have something to do with the transplant. She’d never experienced any of this freaky shit before. Now more than ever she needed to know who had donated this heart to her.
  • (Dragon Update) I get Becoming edits back on Sunday! So excited to start editing! I've missed Zoe, Taylor and Aiden!
  • (A Shiny New WIP Update) I'm not sure exactly where this is going yet, but I'm really excited about it! *bounces* I've started working on another new adult novel...only this one has absolutely no supernatural creatures in it! *gasps* I know, right? So, we'll see what happens ;) If the idea continues to bloom, I'll share it with you. Yes, imma tease. Whaa? You already knew that :P

Cover art by Danielle Fine
Waiting game...
  • (Update) On week #41 of waiting to hear back from a lovely agent who is reading Running From Shadows. (Erm, after an email chat with the lovely agent on Monday...come to find out, she never received the email with my manuscript or my follow-up emails...Eep! She still wanted to read it though, and I know for a fact she has it now! ;) So...on week #1 of waiting to hear back. lol
  • Currently I am beta-reading for a fantastic friend and writer... Katheryn! Hooray for grim reapers!!
  • Finished reading Shifting Pride by Laura Diamond! Absolutely loved the heroine's voice! Nickie is so snarky! Add this awesome werecat, YA paranormal romance to your Goodreads list here! My 5 STAR review to come!!
  • Looking for book recommendations and reviews for your 2013 TBR List? Check out The Perks of Being a Book Nerd!
Bonus material... 
*Beautiful cover art for Becoming and Running From Shadows and Witch Way to Turn book trailer by the awesomely talented Danielle Fine... Check her website for more cover art, editing, book trailer and NOW web design services. Fantastic example: Vince Considine's site here

Random Alert! Alert. Alert. Alert...
Taken at 5AM Tuesday morning... Rusty pup: Please, just gimme one bite of bagel. Just one. That's not asking too much, is it?? *puppy dog eyes* Me: Dammit, he owns me. *gives him half my bagel* This is why Banshee is always hungry!

Loved Shifting Pride by Laura Diamond! Took a picture of one of my fave lines when I was reading on Sunday... It's underlined :D

So a friend and I went shopping on Saturday, and this was the first thing I saw when we walked into Express... I was all OMG, do they have a WRITER section???? But they didn't, only a Columnist section. *pouts* Oh well, anyway, of course I took a picture of this because...hello, random! One of the clerks saw me taking pictures and started freaking out. Not sure if she thought I worked for a competing clothing store, but I explained to her that I have a blog and I post random pix on Wednesdays. Anywho, she followed me around until I left :P I do this all for you, my darlings!!! lolz

I had to stuff envelopes last week at the day job... Ugh. Thankfully, I didn't have to lick all of them cos our mail room has a machine for that...however, one of my coworkers didn't know that. Poor thing! When she found out, she was all: So I wasted my spit for nothing!? LOL Er, random... Bam!


  1. Great post! Love the writer clothes. I tweeted.

  2. Love the cover of Becoming and good luck on your trip to NYC

    1. Thank you so much, Karen! I love the cover too! Dani is so talented!! I hope I win the contest so I can go to NYC for this conference...I've been once before and it was fantastic! Such a great opportunity to get one-on-one time with agents.

  3. Ha, great Midweek Mayhem post. :) I really like reading these.

  4. I don't know why, but I thought the line highlighted in that snippet was the top line saying "begin typing to create a note..." HAHA omg my brain sometimes.
    Great post. Thanks for the continued support of my blog and are amazzzzzzing gurl :)

    1. LOL, silly! Thanks so much, Kat! Awww, you're so welcome! It's my pleasure! I love to read your reviews! :D

  5. Another great random posting! Love the Becoming teaser. Sounds like an awesome book! That is so freaky about the agent not getting your email! Glad you know she has it now. :)

    1. teehee, I try! :P Yayay, glad you enjoyed the teaser!! OMG, I canNOT wait to start querying/pitching it! It's an awesome story! It so is freaky about the email! I'm all: phew! :)

  6. Great post! Love the pics! Rusty pup looks so sweet. I thought it was funny that the salesclerk followed you around until you left. What could she have thought you were going to do with pictures? Funny. I always enjoy your posts!

    1. Yay! Thanks, Kellie! LOL, I have no idea what she was thinking, but she acted like I was a spy or something :P Thanks for commenting!