March 7, 2013

Cover Reveal for When It's Least Expected by Heather Van Fleet!!! #MatureYA #Contemporary

Today I have a very special guest author for you, my lovelies!!!

My dear friend (and very first reviewer) author Heather Van Fleet!!! *throws confetti* Happy Cover Reveal Day, chickadee!!The blurb for When It's Least Expected sounds so intriguing and I canNOT wait for it's to release!!!

Title: When It's Least Expected
Release Day: 23 April 2013
Genre: Contemporary Mature YA 

And now for the BIG reveal...are you ready?? 

Here we go! Keep scrolling...

Can you guys guess what the hero likes to do?? ;)


Okay, I'll stop teasing you now!


Those smiles!!! Sooo adorable!!! And the name of this series is sooo catchy!! Perfect Timing!

Check out the blurb for When It's Least Expected!

Moving on after a tragedy can be impossible – especially when you’ve been dealing with several of those said tragedies for over two years. But it’s her senior year, and Harley Anderson is more than ready to do just that, even though the skeletons in her closet can’t exactly be hidden.
Enter Mason Daniel – the egotistical, sexy, surfer stud from California. A boy with his own hidden demons and an even more secret agenda.
Mason isn’t right for Harley – he knows this better than anyone. He’s the epitome of a runner – a guy who takes what he can get, only to split a short while later. But he can’t deny the emotions that Harley brings out of him, so he’s going to break his rules for once.
He should have known what it would lead to…
Two kindred souls – both lost and then found – will they fail once again in their search for contentment and happiness, or will they finally find love true, love when it’s least expected

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  1. Sweet cover. Sounds like a fun read.

    1. It really does! Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Karen! =)

  2. Love the cover!!! I tweeted.