March 27, 2013

Midweek Mayhem: Pitching dragons and dodging fire! #amblogging #Giveaway #PitMad

 Working it out…
  • (NEW - Halp!) Friday I'm participating in #PitMad via Twitter...sponsored by the fabulous Brenda Drake. Click here for deets. Would love some thoughts on my Twitter pitch for Becoming. **The pitch--no more than 140 characters and must have the #PitMad tag, so I had to get creative. :P A transplant leaves Zoe w/a dragon shifter's heart.Shy,she begins an online rltnshp, but the boy she's in2 is her donor & a girl #NA #PitMad Does it hook you? Thoughts? Thanks! Muah!
  • (Ends Sunday) I'm participating in J.A. Belfield's Bookaroo-Ju Blogaversary Giveaway! Win a signed copy of Witch Way to Turn by me here
  • (NEW) Sunday is my deadline to have the first 3 chapters of Becoming submitted in the American 'Idol' Writing Contest for the RT BookLovers Convention! Deets here!
  • (NEW) Tuesday I'm interviewing the sweet and funny Cecily White about her upcoming release titled Prophecy Girl!!!
Random and adorable vid! ♥ it!!!

Hearing voices…
Cover art by Danielle Fine
  • My dark and gritty new adult urban fantasy with cursed dragon shifters, titled Becoming, is currently with my amazing editor!!! So excited to make this story sparkle and then pitch it at RT and RWA soon! Agents, you're gonna want this super bad! Just sayin' ;D
  • Check out my stunning cover inspiration (right side above this paragraph) designed by the talented Danielle Fine!!! 
  • (Read chapter 1 fave sentences, here) Today I'm gonna share just a few sentences from chapter 2 that my editor loved :D The sentences don't have anything to do with each other.
The sensation prickled a row of goose-bumps along her arm and her mouth went dry. She tried to swallow. Failed. "You thought I was a guy?"
Zoe's back pressed straight against the counter. Her arms went stiff. "I don't have a secret."
Okay, so Zoe wasn't exactly the compass for all things normal either.

Dragon update... Round one of the first 150 pages of Becoming edits are back with my fabulous editor! Currently 2k words into the Becoming prequel (all from Taylor's POV)! It's going to be a novelette at about a 7k words

Cover art by Danielle Fine
Waiting game...
  • (Update) On week #4 of waiting to hear back from a lovely agent who is reading Running From Shadows.
  • Currently I am beta-reading for a fantastic friend and writer... Katheryn! Hooray for grim reapers!!
  • What's on my Kindle? 68% through Alice in Zombieland by !
  • Looking for book recommendations and reviews for your 2013 TBR List? Check out The Perks of Being a Book Nerd

Bonus material... 
*Writers, looking for a talented editor? I highly recommend Danielle Fine. She's edited three manuscripts of mine and has taught me so much! I'm a stronger writer because of her guidance. Also, she designed my beautiful inspiration cover art for Becoming and Running From Shadows! Annnnd she created the book trailer for Witch Way to Turn! 
*For more information on Dani's editing services, cover design, book trailer creation and website design stop by her site >>>> here!

Random Alert! Alert. Alert. Alert...

Guess what I bought??? The classic trench coat!!! Ahhh!!! BIG thanks to my mom who found a 50% off coupon that didn't require buying TWO coats! Woot! Woot!! So this is a pic of it just hanging out at work. Get it??? OMG, I kill me!!!! :P

This random shot has a dual purpose. 1) To show the aforementioned trench coat in action. 2) To show that I carry waaaay too much crap to work every day! In fact, I carry THREE bags and at least once a week someone will ask me in the elevator if I've got enough stuff. Erm, yeah, I do...thanks, Captain Obvious :P

Rusty pup: Please, Mom, I swear I'll be good...just don't give me a bath!!!! I like to stink!! Me: Bwa. Ha. Ha. *tortures the demon pup*

Yeah, uh, so you may be wondering what I'm doing. Well, pretending to be a vampire and/or superhero, of course! Last week I had to work a reception for the day job and was given a party of these blankets that folds up into its own tote with a zipper and handle...great for alllll those picnics I take with the hubs...right, right. Hey, looky there...I used sarcasm properly again!!! ;D

Lego Beauty and the Beast. This pic was taken at Disney Land last year at the RWA conference. But it reminds me of Becoming cos Taylor calls herself Beast and Zoe, Beauty :) And, yesss, I love this movie! Who doesn't?? :P


  1. Great post, as always! Glad you got your coat!! Beauty and the Beast will always be my favorite. Good luck on the contest. How could they not love Becoming? Btw, Rusty the angel pup couldn't possibly stink! Lol.

  2. Loved your random sentences! The final one is awesome! So glad you got your trench coat! Yeah mom! And poor puppy dog. This too shall pass, Rusty Pup. LOL Good luck on getting your edits back. Can't wait to read! BTW--Twitter pitch is fantastic. Great job!

  3. Very fun. Good luck with your submissions. I tweeted.

  4. Loved the random pics! They are always so great. I am so glad that you got the coat too! That is wonderful! Great post!

  5. Honestly I dont think their legit because Ive been reading alot of comments about this company and their sending people bills that they have nothing to do with!