February 27, 2013

Midweek Mayhem: It's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's a dragon!! Pitching with smoke burps...erm ;) #HalpMe #NA #UF

Working it out…
  • (WINNER Announcement) Big thanks to Heather Jacobs's for hosting me on her site! And now, the winner of the signed copy of Witch Way to Turn is... Jamie Dement!!! I'll be mailing my heart and soul...er, my book to you this week!! ;D
  • (iHeart Books - ENDS Tomorrow!) Better stop by quick or you'll miss 17 phenomenal authors givin' it up for FREE!! It's a Bookentine's Day Extravaganza!! Just click the rafflecopter to enter! Check it >>> HERE
  • (ENDS TODAY - Go Vote!) Your hero powers are needed to help my lovely friend WIN!! Liza O'Connor's book trailer for Saving Casey created by Danielle Fine is up for votes! Go ahead and check it out--Liza is #8 here! LIKE the trailer while you're there! Please and thank you :D 
  • (NEW) I'm entering Becoming into the "This Manuscript HAS to Become a Book" contest, here! The winner gets to attend the Backspace Conference in NYC in May with a TON of big name agents! I went a couple years ago and it was amazing! I met Kristin Nelson there...uh, dream agent!! *fangirls* Anyway, professional mode, I would LOVE to go this year and pitch Becoming in person! Starting next week my pitch will be up for votes...the MOST votes = me going to NYC!!
Hearing voices…
Cover art by Danielle Fine
  • My dark and gritty work-in-progress, titled Becoming, (a new adult urban fantasy with cursed dragon shifters) is currently with my amazing editor!!! So excited to make this story sparkle and then pitch it at RT and RWA in a few months! Agents, you're gonna want this story...like super bad! Just sayin' ;D
  • Check out my stunning cover inspiration (right side above this paragraph) designed by the talented Danielle Fine!!! 
  • (Read last week's snippet, here) And now...since I'm going to be entering pitch contests soon, I'd love to get your feedback. Thanks!
  • (200-word pitch) A heart transplant leaves eighteen-year-old Zoe Moore with a six-inch Frankenscar on her chest. Terrified of intimacy, Zoe shuts everyone out except the boy she meets online. Scared or not, she’s fallen hard and agrees to meet Taylor Sinclair.

    The UNC-Charlotte sophomore isn’t who Zoe expected. Despite being sexy, blond and green-eyed, Taylor never mentioned that she’s a girl, shattering Zoe’s world of fantasies.

    Taylor hoped trading hearts with Zoe would end her curse, but Taylor’s inner dragon healed her. And things have gotten worse since the transplant. Ruthless killing is in Taylor’s DNA, and the only way to stop is to fall in love and procreate—a major problem for a lesbian. As Zoe slowly lets her in, it’s torture for Taylor not to tell her the truth: Zoe is turning into a monster. And in order to stop the transformation, Taylor must risk her own life.

    Concerned by her smoke burps, scalding-hot skin and a taste for flesh, Zoe’s more frightened by her feelings for Taylor. Even with her world spiraling out of control, Zoe would rather die than let anything happen to Taylor. When the moment arises, Zoe must embrace what she’s becoming.

    (35-word pitch) Unknown to college freshman Zoe, underneath the Frankenscar her transplant left beats a dragon’s heart. Terrified of intimacy, she starts an online relationship, but the boy she’s fallen for is her donor and a girl.
  • (Update) While I wait for edits on Becoming, I'm back in Rhodhiss, baby! Okay, not literally, but I am working on revisions to Witch Way to Turn book #2!! Right now I'm on page 29 of 263 in revisions...

Cover art by Danielle Fine
Waiting game...
  • On week #40 of waiting to hear back from a lovely agent who is reading Running From Shadows.*continues to keep fingers and toes crossed* Erm, this may not happen. LOL :P *keeps querying*
  • Currently I am beta-reading for a fantastic friend and writer... Katheryn! Hooray for grim reapers!!
  • Currently reading Shifting Pride by Laura Diamond! Absolutely love the heroine's voice! Nickie is so snarky! Add this awesome werecat, YA paranormal romance to your Goodreads list here!
  • Looking for book recommendations and reviews for your 2013 TBR List? Check out The Perks of Being a Book Nerd!
Bonus material... 
*Beautiful cover art for Becoming and Running From Shadows and Witch Way to Turn book trailer by the awesomely talented Danielle Fine... Check her website for more cover art, editing, book trailer and NOW web design services. Fantastic example: Vince Considine's site here

Random Alert! Alert. Alert. Alert...

So, er, not sure why this picture is tinted yellow... Anywho, I decided to iron that super wrinkly fave t-shirt of mine that I tweeted about a couple weeks ago. And, Rusty pup was not happy about this. Look at that face! He was terrified of the noise the steam iron made O_O

On Sunday afternoon, I was all snuggled in bed, writing...yes, acutally writing in the middle of the day! Anyway, I got up for just a minute and when I came back...this little seat-stealer had totally made himself at home in MY spot! >_<

Saturday I met one of my Twitter followers in person!!! So fun!! The awesome Carey Heywood even signed a copy of one of her books for me! Such a sweetheart!! Buy her books >>>> HERE

Last week's lunch at work was sweet and sour chicken. Anyway, this picture doesn't do it justice, but that sweet-sour sauce was the most neon color of sauce I had EVER seen. It was so bright I almost didn't want to eat it cos I thought it might not be real food! :P

And for your uber-random pic needs...this is a picture of a picture. See, I have this frame that I keep on the nightstand and every time me and my BFF go on a trip together we take a pic and it goes in this frame. So the other day I was wandering down memory lane and looking at all the pics--I keep them all in the frame. Anyway, this pic was of our very FIRST trip together! (We call it Girls' Freakin' Weekend.) This was taken in the parking lot of the hotel in Charleston, SC our sophomore year of college. So, erm, 2002?? OMG, was that 11 years ago??? Sheesh. Anyway, we have another GFW coming up in May, and I can't wait!! If you'll recall this is the BFF that I mailed her b-day present to the Cracker Barrel and somehow she still loves me ;) lol


  1. Unknown to college freshman(,) Zoe, underneath the Frankenscar her transplant left beats a dragon’s heart. Terrified of intimacy, she starts an online relationship, but the boy she’s fallen for is her donor and a girl.

    That's intriguing - should capture lots of people's attention. I'm not too sure about the comma I suggested - I'm not great at them - but I think it is supposed to be there.

    1. Yay! Thanks Daryl! I'm not great at commas either o.O

  2. That new book description has me raring to read it. Thanks for the peek. I'm going to do my voting on the links you gave as well.

    1. Thanks so much, Andrea!! I'm so stoked about this book! The voting will go live on 5 March :) I'm so happy that you'll vote for Becoming!! And thank you for voting for Saving Casey's book trailer!!

  3. That 35 word pitch is the bomb! The agents will ALL want to read it after hearing that. Good luck in the contest!

    You are so the Queen of Random! LOL

    1. Hooray!!! Thanks chicka!! :D

      Why, yess, yess I am the Queen of Random! LOL

  4. You're rockin'. Have great rest of the week. I tweeted.

    1. Thank you, Ella! Your comments always make me smile :D

  5. Love your random pics. They are always great! Good luck on the contest. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed!!!