February 10, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors... Running From Shadows! #YA #8sentences #JABBIC #BookGiveawayAnnouncement

Weekend Writing Warriors! 

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Today I'm sharing from my (unpublished) young adult paranormal romance Running From Shadows, currently being read by a lovely agent!! Squee!! 

Follow Greta Shore (a 17-year-old, black-haired wiccan beauty) and Paxton "Pax" Craig (an 18-year-old, blond-haired college student with a dark secret) as they discover the fate of their forbidden love.
(Read last week's post) Set-up... Pax has told Greta that he's a unicorn. A unicorn!!! So, of course, Greta is all: sure, yeah, whatever... Prove it! He acts cryptic, but she's not about to let this drop.

Cover Art by Danielle Fine

I closed the gap between us and looked up. He had to be close to six-four. I held my ground. “What’s the second thing?”

“I don’t take orders from my assignments.”

We stared at one another as if our gazes alone held us upright. I didn’t want to play this card, but I would. I wanted proof. 

What card will she play?? Tune in next week for more Greta and Pax!! ;)

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Extra! Extra!

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  1. Must be SOME card she's holding - can't wait to read more! Great snippet!

  2. Very intriguing ~ can't wait to read more!

  3. Such a good snippet. I tweeted.

  4. NICE tension, especially in only EIGHT sentences! I'm so curious now...what does he mean by 'assignment' and what card is she holding..??? Good job. :)

    1. Hi A.J. thanks so much! You'll have to drop by next Sunday! ;)

  5. A unicorn. I think I'd be as incredulous as her. :p Great 8. Good luck with agent!

  6. Oh, she's an assignment, is she? And just what does that mean? I need answers, girlfriend! LOL Great 8!