April 6, 2014

Scary words...Hun, we need to talk. RUNNING FROM SHADOWS #8Sunday #YAPNR #unicorns

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Today I'm sharing from my (unpublished) young adult paranormal romance Running From Shadows!

Follow Greta Shore (a 17-year-old, black-haired wiccan beauty) and Paxton "Pax" Craig (an 18-year-old, blond-haired college student with a dark secret) as they discover the fate of their forbidden love.
(Read last week's post. Set-up) Greta runs away from her surprise engagement partthrough the woodsPax saves her from a shadow demon. Oh, and he's a unicorn! 
Back at Pax's cabin, Greta and Pax talk. He tells her that the shadow has fed on her emotions. And that it's definitely someone she knows. And she must under no circumstance confront it because it will kill her. And don't get emotional about anything! >.< Pax takes Greta home. Now, she has to face...her mother! And mommy dearest wants Greta to trust her. Uh huh. Not happening.

Cover Art by Danielle Fine

“Right now I think you’re acting like—” The word “Judas” hovered at my lips, but Aunt Lil stood and moved between us before I could say it.

“Abby, I need to leave. Gretal, get some rest, love you both.” And with a quick peck on my forehead and a shoulder squeeze for Mom, Aunt Lil grabbed her tan Sheriff’s jacket off the coat-tree at the edge of the hallway and slipped out the front door.

Mom let out a loud and long sigh before taking a seat on the couch. She twisted her shoulder-length black hair and pinned it up with a banana clip that had been attached to the hem of her button-up shirt. “Hun, we need to talk.”

Tune in next week for more angsty spooky goodness!

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  1. Really strong snippet, so many emotions in that scene with more to come!

  2. That is never a good way to start a conversation. ~sigh~

  3. Well that left me with a lot of questions I want answers to. LOL Great snippet.

  4. Uh oh, conversations that start that way usually contain some revelations a person might not want to receive LOL. Great snippet, can;t wait for more.

  5. Crap...I'm gonna have to wait another week! You are a tease Karen. I'm glad her mom doesn't seem quite so angry, but that's almost worse.

  6. Still can't help but wonder about that demon who is someone she knows.

  7. Uh oh. "We need to talk" never ends well!

  8. She's finally going to find out what her mom's doing. I hope. But I bet the harsh words she held back will slip out eventually.