November 10, 2013

It'll kill me. Ah! No pressure, right? RUNNING FROM SHADOWS #WeWriWa #8Sunday #YAPNR

Today I'm sharing from my (unpublished) young adult paranormal romance Running From Shadows!

Follow Greta Shore (a 17-year-old, black-haired wiccan beauty) and Paxton "Pax" Craig (an 18-year-old, blond-haired college student with a dark secret) as they discover the fate of their forbidden love.
Set-up (last week)... Greta runs away from her surprise engagement partthrough the woodsPax saves her from a shadow demon. Oh, and he's a unicorn! 
Back at Pax's cabin, Greta and Pax talk. He tells her that the shadow has fed on her emotions. And that it's definitely someone she knows. And she must under no circumstance confront it because it will kill her. Geez, no pressure, right?

Cover Art by Danielle Fine
“Good...Just act normal. Stick with your routine. With one exception.” He arched a perfect brow.

Seriously? I could barely remember all the information he’d given me up to this point. “Which is?”

“Don’t get emotional about anything.”

Tune in next week for more angsty spooky goodness!

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  1. Wow, that's one tough exception. No emotion. Yikes. Nice eight.

  2. Easier said than done! I can see some intense scenes coming up when she tries to do that. And how is she going to explain her absence to her fiance without emotions coming into it? Lots of conflict headed our way! Great 8.
    History Sleuth's Milk Carton Murders

  3. Great last line! You know she's going be fighting that hard! Loved this!

  4. I can almost see her spit out angrily, No emotions?! WTF?

  5. Don't get emotional? Yeah, nice simple advice... Because she's secretly a robot, right? :P

  6. Oh good! Like this is ever going to happen! That unicorn is so funny, I can't believe what he just said.