September 12, 2013

Wherein @SashaHibbs takes over Banshee's blog to share deets about BLACK AMARANTH! #YA #EvernightTEEN


Eighteen-year-old Ally Watson arrives home from high school graduation, more than a little annoyed that her Uncle Argyle—Ally’s legal guardian and only surviving relative—didn’t even bother showing up. But instead of berating him for his forgetfulness, Ally finds him in a life-or-death battle with a monster. Argyle manages to kill the creature, and gives Ally a parcel containing a destiny she never knew existed.
Ally, along with her best friends Michael, Jessica, and David, hurry to Georgia to uncover the truth of Uncle Argyle’s secrets, and the meaning of the mysterious marks that Ally bears. Are the marks related to the blacksmith mythology of her ancestors? Who are these heavenly warriors who show up in the oddest of places? And will an ancient gypsy curse destroy the very things Ally fights to save?

Black Amaranth: a simple flower, a symbol with an ancient legacy, a conduit for prophecy…while faith and hope are essential to the journey, Ally soon discovers that love is the most powerful force of all.
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Author Bio:

By age 5, Sasha Hibbs' favorite movie was Gone With the Wind. By age 12, she completed her 7th grade book report on the sequel, Scarlett. By 18, she met and married her very own Mr. Rhett Butler and as it turns out, she never had to worry about going back to Tara to win the love of her life back. Fortunately, he stuck with her.

With a love of all things paranormal, the ambiance of the South with its gigantic antebellum mansions and canopies of Spanish moss, and a love for her husband’s rich storytelling of blacksmiths and the mythology surrounding their origins, it wasn’t long until the world of her debut novel, Black Amaranth, was born.

When not working her day job as a nurse, you can find Sasha dreaming of her next beach trip, reading the latest YA novel, and drinking more white chocolate mocha than she should.

Sasha lives in mountainous West Virginia with her husband, Tim, and their two daughters, Aeliza and Ava. She is currently hard at work on book two in The Vulcan Legacies series.

Playlist for Black Amaranth:

I listened to these songs while writing Black Amaranth. They are close to my heart. I never title my chapters. If forced to, I would have to title each according to the song I listened to while writing it. Here is the list of soulful, heart wrenching, sometimes destructive tunes that helped me to write Black Amaranth.

  • Blame It On Me by Sparrow and The Workshop\
  • Mercenary by Sparrow and The Workshop
  • I Will Break You by Sparrow and The Workshop
  • Towns and Cities by Camera Obscura
  • Jealous Guy by Casey James
  • The Nomad by Brasstaxx
  • The Scenic Route by Brasstaxx
  • Pale Blue Eyes by The Kills
  • Where Did You Sleep Last Night by Nirvana
  • I Can’t Dance Just With Your Ghost by the Book Club
  • Born to Die by Lana Del Rey
  • Video Games by Lana Del Rey
  • Wicked Game by Chris Isaak
  • You Don’t Realize by Electric Flag featuring Mike Bloomfield
  • Slow Life by Grizzly Bear
  • Surrender by Joshua James
  • Half of You by Cat Power
  • Good Woman by Cat Power
  • Maybe Not by Cat Power
  • Ghost by Clutch
  • Give Me Your Love by Extra Classic
  • So Sad by Lindi Ortega
  • You’re My Lover Now by Pieta Brown
  • Tragedy by Brandi Carlile
  • Love Rescue Me by U2
  • Woman When I’ve Raised Hell by Josh T. Pearson
  • Drive Her Out by Josh T. Pearson

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