November 14, 2012

My Midweek Mayhem, #WIP Snippet, #CritiqueGiveaway and Random Picture Goodness! #amblogging

Working it out…  
  • Loved this 5 Star review of Witch Way to Turn from The Romance Studio! Check it here :) 
  • Next Monday, November 19, I find out if Running From Shadows made it into the 3rd Annual Baker's Dozen Agent Pitch Contest, so keep those fingers crossed! Check the line-up of amazing agents here!
  • Awesome interview with my talented editor, Danielle Fine!! Stop by (here) and comment for your chance to win a FREE critique of your query, synopsis and first chapter (Ends Tomorrow)!
  • Stop by tomorrow for my review of Keir by Pippa Jay!! A 5-Star sci-fi romance!!  
Hearing voices…
  • I've gotten Witch Way book #2 back from my editor! Update... I'll be rewriting chapters 1-4 to have it better match flow/tone of the rest of the story... I'd written the first 80ish pages a long time ago before WWTT was published. Soo the beginning needed some re-vamping! Get it?? Vamp...teehee :P
  • Am doing setting description edits for Running From Shadows. Gotta make my demon-slaying unicorn story sparkle and shine even more than it already does!! Am on page 90 of 281...
  • Currently going gangbuster on my work-in-progress (a new adult urban fantasy with cursed dragon shifters and is unlike anything I've ever written)! Crossed over 35k words yesterday! 
  • Read last week's snippet here!   
  • Here's a teaser for you (the opening page)... 
         Impatience gnawed at the edges of Zoe Moore’s sanity. She clicked her phone on. Again. Why hadn’t he texted? Looking at it isn’t going to make him text any sooner.
         She shoved the cell back in her messenger bag and willed herself to face the professor. The PowerPoint show he clicked through could've been pictures of naked people for all she cared, even though Introduction to Psychology was her favorite class so far. But knowing she’d finally get to meet the one person who had been there for her all summer took precedence whether she wanted it to or not.
         Screw it. She took the phone back out, her heart hammering and clicked it on. Nothing. Still. Scrolling through she reread the text from last night, even though she had it committed to memory: Can’t wait 2 meet u. Will send place & time in the morning.
        Not to nitpick or anything, but morning had come and gone. When the bell rang in ten minutes it would be noon. Keeping the phone hidden under the white speckled desk, she scanned through what she’d written. Maybe she’d said something to turn him off. How had she responded to his last text? Can’t wait to meet you too!
       Oh hell. She’d spelled everything out and used an exclamation point. Maybe that’d been too much? Had she come across as needy? Did a stupid punctuation mark determine her future happiness? She’d tried to play it cool. But he was always so sympathetic. She’d almost told him about the surgery. No time felt quite right though. Was he really standing her up? No explanation or anything? Damn. This was ridiculous. How neurotic could she get?

Waiting game
Cover Art by Danielle Fine
  • On week #23 of waiting to hear back from a lovely agent who is reading Running From Shadows.*continues to keep fingers and toes crossed and keeps querying* (Update: The lovely agent retweeted me on Twitter over the weekend...not sure what the tweet-age could mean, but it made me smile!)
  • On week #15 of waiting to hear back from the editor I pitched to at the RWA conference in July. *also continues to keep all possible body parts crossed*
  • Currently I am beta-reading for an awesome friend and writer... Katheryn!
  • Currently reading Winter Fairy by Lola Karns!! Check it out here
  • I'm a judge in the Finish The Damn Book Contest! Excited to participate! (This is my local RWA Chapter's contest.) Check out my awesome Chesapeake Romance Writers' Chapter here!
Bonus material...
*Tune back in for SSS on Sunday for more steamy goodness from Running From Shadows! Pax and Greta are FINALLY in his cabin... Oh yeah, baby! LOL

*Would love to get more Likes for my author page! Click here... Thanks! 

*Add Witch Way to Turn to your to-be-read list here

*Watch the awesome Witch Way to Turn book trailer here!!

*Beautiful cover art for Running From Shadows and Witch Way to Turn book trailer by Danielle Fine... Check her website for more cover art, editing and book trailer services.

Random Alert! Random. Alert. Alert. Alert...
Rusty pup: Whaa? That was already there. Swear. Me: Uh huh, don't believe you. Rusty pup: Look into my innocent eyes, human, I own you. Me: Demon pup!

Absolutely no idea why I took a picture of my kitchen... Maybe cos it was actually clean? For once :)

iHeart weeping willow trees! I normally mention them at least once in my stories. LOL They are one of my top three fave trees...followed by Japanese Maples and Crepe Myrtles.


  1. Busy. Busy. Busy. Love kitchen shot - mine is rarely clean.

    1. Always! lol My kitchen should be clean--considering how much take out the hubby and I eat--but it always seems to be a mess. Thanks for stopping by Daryl! :)

  2. We had a weeping willow in our back yard when I was growing up. Beaturiful trees! Loved your excerpt! Can't wait to read that one! You go girl! :)

    1. They really are beautiful! Aww, thanks so much Jenna! :D I'm so excited about this story!!! *jumps up and down clapping like a crazy, acting normal*

  3. Love the mayhem, specially when it's good. Sounds like this week has been good and busy!

    1. Hi Toni! It's been a good week for sure! :) Thank you for stopping by!

  4. I love weeping willows. Looks like you're keeping busy.

    1. Aren't they gorgeous? So inspirational! Thank you Ella! :D

  5. What a gorgeous pup! That picture could have been taken at my house...with a shar pei mix instead! :)

    1. Aww, thanks Heather! He is such a sweetie...when he's not being a demon! LOL I bet your shar pei is adorable! Really appreciate you dropping by :)