November 8, 2012

Editor Interview with Danielle Fine!! #GIVEAWAY #query #synopsis #chapterone #critique

Have you ever wanted to ask your editor what first captured her/his attention about your manuscript?

Well, I did just that!! Today I interviewed my awesome editor, Danielle Fine! I also asked Dani to share about the industry too. Ohh, and there are Rapid Fire questions... Bwahaha

Such a fun interview! 

But wait... There's more! A Giveaway!! Dani has agreed to give one lucky commenter a FREE query, synopsis AND first chapter critique!!! How fantastic is that?!?!

Just stop by and comment--with your email address--on the interview, here, for a chance to win!!



  1. That was a great interview, but I didn't find a place to leave a comment.

    1. Thank you, Ella! Hm...not sure what happened, there should've been a comment box near the bottom of the post. Blogger does strange things sometimes tho. Really appreciate you stopping by :)