May 21, 2014

Banshee's judging! It's In The Deets: #QueryKombat 2014 Twitter Party and Dates! #writerslife

So excited to be a judge for Query Kombat!!!

TWITTER PARTY timeline!!

May 21st Tweet your category and genre. Ask questions about genre if you’re unsure where your manuscript fits.

May 22-23rd Tweet what time you submitted your entry to our QK email. Nerves and jitters can be calmed by sharing with others. Also tweet out what you find the hardest about writing. Is it keeping out telling? Writing action scenes? What’s hard for you?

May 24th Tweet your main character’s name and a special tidbit about them. See what sorts of names are popular and if anyone else shares MC’s names with you.

May 25th Tweet your entry Nickname and why you choose it.

May 26th Tweet out those first lines.

May 27th Tweet the very last lines of your manuscript.

May 28th Tweet us your villain’s name and something evil about them.

May 29th Tweet the title of a soothing song that is helping you get through the day before the picks are revealed. Hold hands and sing Kumbaya lyrics like the band of friends you’ve become. (We’ll be running around like crazy gerbils getting everything ready.)

Check out Michelle's blog for more deets and the submission/judging schedule 
A little about what I like to read and hope to see: anything paranormal, especially NA/YA and LGBT. Epic fantasy, magical realism, erotic romance, and sci-fi also rock my socks! For contemporary or adult, it really has to grab me with lots of emotions and intense character arcs. I'm a sucker for a villain who is more then just the bad guy. So... Show me your stuff! 

Challenge for ya. Bwahaha! Most of my peeps know me as Banshee on social media, but for the #QueryKombat I've gone a different and secretive route as to hide my superwoman identity ;) As you participate, try and guess my handle...if you dare.


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