June 23, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors: I didn't need to fall for this boy... RUNNING FROM SHADOWS #8Sunday

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Today I'm sharing from my (unpublished) young adult paranormal romance Running From Shadows, currently being read by a lovely agent!! Squee!! 

Follow Greta Shore (a 17-year-old, black-haired wiccan beauty) and Paxton "Pax" Craig (an 18-year-old, blond-haired college student with a dark secret) as they discover the fate of their forbidden love.
Set-up (last week)... Greta runs away from her surprise engagement party through the woods. Pax saves her from a shadow demon. Oh, and he's a unicorn! 
Back at Pax's cabin, Greta wants to know why he was out in the woods, but Pax being Pax cleverly sidesteps...

Cover Art by Danielle Fine

The sound of his mug thumping against the tabletop snapped my attention to his eyes, and I hoped he didn’t realize I’d been staring.

“You tell me why you were in the woods tonight, and I’ll tell you how I got the scar.” He winked and threw an arm over the back of his chair.

A simple wink had me practically drooling.

Damn, Greta.

I was one short step away from doodling his name a hundred times in my notebook.

Ridiculous--I didn’t need to fall for this boy. Okay, so he gave me this weird deja-vu feeling…

Tune in next week to find out more!

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Because being a warrior is hard work, here's a vid from the Running From Shadows playlist to reward all you sexy, sweaty peeps ;)
What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction
(Track #17)

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  1. Interesting snippet - and a unicorn with a cabin. Can't wait to see his reaction if she tells the truth about what she is there. Nicely done.

  2. Love the line about doodling his name LOL. Another excellent excerpt!

  3. So many questions to be answered! Nice excerpt.

  4. Lovely snippet, realistic, especially the part about the doodling! I wonder why the de ja vu?

  5. Love it. He is so cocky! Great 8!

  6. I really like Pax, first the coffee and than the wink, priceless.

  7. Doodling his name in a notebook. Priceless. Yeah, once when I was young, I did things like that--all the girls did. :-) Nice eight. Karen! :-)

  8. Wonderful characterisation for them both. I'm impressed with how much you could convey in those 8 sentences.

  9. Hahaha From drooling over a wink, to worrying about doodling his name in a notebook - she's got it baaaad. They're so cute together. But I am curious about this deja vu thing.