June 11, 2013

Book talk with @MarleneRelja! A Twitter based book club via @IgnitedInk! #PNR #SF #NA #YA

Helloooooo, my pretties! I'm thrilled to have my lovely and talented friend Marlene Relja visiting my blog today. When she told me about her idea for a Twitter book club, I was all: OMG, that's awesome!

The tweets are all about the love of reading. There are no reviews, buy links or advertising. The concept is purely book talk. I'm so excited to watch her concept grow :) Now, I shall let Marlene tell you more...

Hi Karen and all her blog readers!

My name is Marlene Relja and I’m an avid reader and writer of all things paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy and just plain good romance.

Romance books that thrill or unnerve or entice. Book boyfriends/girlfriends. Books you want to hug because they just changed your life.

If you know what I'm talking about, if you've ever experienced any of these, then you, my friend, are a fellow Inker. Welcome to the club!

I recently created @IgnitedInk as a place for readers to share their shouts of delight/awe/anger over those impossibly hot heroes/heroines.

To share that moment in a story that ignites every part of your soul to the point where you wish you could live in the book.

IgnitedInk is a Twitter based book club with no schedules so fellow Inkers can read and discuss the books at their own pace.

And since it’s on Twitter, the discussions are to the point, easily-accessible, and never-ending. We can all chat from anywhere!

@IgnitedInk chats use specific hashtags(#) so fellow readers can follow and participate in the discussions of books they have/are read/reading.

And we're adding new books and discussions all the time. Like Gena Showalter's Alice in Zombieland or Jeaniene Frost's, Twice Tempted.

And of course Karen Y. Bynum's, Witch Way to Turn. Because who can resist the raw intensity of Orin or the comforting strength of Myles!

So don't worry if you're the type who reads books in 24hrs or in 720hrs or even years after a debut. IgnitedInk's chats are always open.

If you're interested in participating and to find current discussions, come by my site for more instructions (here).

Requests and suggestions for the next book to be discussed are always welcome, even if you're in the middle of reading it.

A big thanks to Karen for letting me guest post on her blog!

Oh and just for fun, can anyone guess how I structured this blog post? Hint: think of the essence of Twitter. Answer here with a comment or to @IgnitedInk.

And then come join the discussions and bring your friends because we'd love to have you.