January 11, 2013

#WIP Book Cover Inspiration and Title Reveal!!! Dragons...they don't just breathe fire. #CustomDesign #CoverLove

*waves both hands...like a crazy person*

Hello, my pretty fireflies! Today I'm thrilled to share the gorgeous cover art for my WIP titled...



Cover Art by Danielle Fine


I'm currently at 65k words and am writing the last chapter now. And then, in less than two weeks, I plan to have revisions completed and sent to my editor for edits. But wait, there's more! ;) I've signed up for the RT Booklovers Convention and will pitch
Becoming at the end of April!


This is my dark and gritty dragon shifter WIP that I've been sharing with you on my Midweek Mayhem posts. It's a new adult urban fantasy with strong romantic elements set in Charlotte, North Carolina at my alma mater (UNCC). I'm keeping the premise under lock and key until it's gone through edits and is ready to be pitched. This story has been fun and challenging to write, and I just can't wait to get it sparkly and ready for submissions! 


I went through several titles, but I knew
Becoming was the one when the picture of the cover popped into my mind. I was super excited because I wanted this story to have a one-word title. And it does! 


The cover was designed by my talented editor, Danielle Fine (see all of her stunning covers here)! When I described my vision of the cover to her, this was exactly what I'd pictured! I'm stoked to have this beautiful cover art to display with my Midweek snippets and to inspire me as I type THE END.

Snippet time!

Here's a few (unedited) lines from each of the three main character's points-of-view.

As much as she hated herself for what she was about to do, she climbed back into bed, cellphone in hand and reread their last month’s worth of text messages. Sure, it only served to rile her paranoia and fan the embers of her loneliness. She touched the scar over her heart, tracing the thickly calloused line downward. After she’d woken up from the transplant and seen the results: bandages, tape, gauze saturated with red, she hadn’t wanted to ever be in a relationship. No one could love her with this hideous mark. And she couldn’t blame them.

The beast inside of her grew more anxious by the breath. If she couldn’t stay in her skin, she’d risk exposing what she was. And if that happened they would find her. 

Ten straight hours in surgery. Damn. At one point, Aiden didn’t think he could hold on. Images of his dwindling supply—frozen in his freezer—scratched at the surface of his thoughts. Several times he’d forced his hand to steady. No one had seen it, but he knew. Worry was his constant companion. What if he didn’t slay another dragon in time?


  1. Beautiful cover! Very edgy, just like the story! this one is going places, girl! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you chicka! Dani has such an eye for detail! Edgy is exactly what I was going for! I'm sooooo excited about this story!! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Oooooh! love the color of the wings - sets off the heart nicely. Dani did a great job.

  3. Beautiful cover and I loved the excerpt!

  4. What an intriguing cover. It looks a little creepy, though--is it meant to? And dragon shifter? Yeah, you have my attention. ;o)

    1. Ooo, thank you! Yes, definitely supposed to be a little creepy, gritty...this book is a lot darker than most of my writing ;) Yay, glad I have your attention! :D

    2. Dark, gritty, creepy ... any hot dudes? Add in hot dudes, and I might be sold. ;o)

    3. LOL Yup, gots to have a hot dude! Aiden is my hottie! ;D See pic here: http://pinterest.com/pin/263601384411472379/