October 3, 2012

My Midweek Mayhem, Hard Decisions, Contests and Random Weekend Pictures... #amblogging

Happy Midweek Y'all!

Working it out…
  • Squee!!!! Woke up this morning to exciting news... Running From Shadows is a Finalist in the Heartland Romance Authors Show Me the Spark contest!!!!! :D
  • I've submitted Running From Shadows to Harper Voyager! *crosses fingers* They are now accepting submissions from non-agented writers.
  • I've entered Witch Way to Turn into the Chapter One Submissions contest! Check it here, if you'd like to participate. Better hurry though, only first 50 will get in!
  • I find out later this week if Running From Shadows--a finalist in the Heart of the West contest (Utah Chapter of Romance Writers of America) won! *toes crossed since my fingers are already crossed for the other contest*
  • My local Chapter of RWA--Chesapeake Romance Writers is hosting a contest! Check it out here for a chance to get your manuscript in front of agents and editors!
Hearing voices…

Me trying desperately not to drop my phone!
  • Things are coming along nicely for the yet-to-be-titled alien novella. I'm nearing 13k words--have gotten slightly sidetracked by another story that I can't get outta my head...so am working on both at the same time for now. The goal for the alien novella is 40k. As I talk about the alien story, which takes place in San Francisco, California... I'll be posting some pictures from the trip my hubby and I took there last year. This pic is on the ferry ride to the prison (Alcatraz Island). In my novella this is where everyone on their 18th birthday is taken to be tested, and if you're a DNA Match--well, let's just say...you don't wanna be a match!
  • Working on Witch Way book #2 revisions!
  • Here's a teaser from book #2 I'm super happy with (as always, no spoilers to book #1 or #2).
  • (Breena's POV) By the time she’d finished talking to Orin and Myles about the crazy cocktail of ancient djinn blood coursing through her screwed up half and half veins, it was time to leave for work.
Waiting game…
Cover Art by Danielle Fine
  • On week #17 of waiting to hear back from a lovely agent who is reading Running From Shadows.*continues to keep fingers and toes crossed and keeps querying*
  • On week #9 of waiting to hear back from the editor I pitched to at the RWA conference in July. *also continues to keep all possible body parts crossed*
  • (Update)... I had an extremely hard decision to make about one of the agents who I pitched to at Nationals. She made me an offer! But, after consulting the brain-trust, thinking about it, obsessing over it and praying about it... I came to the conclusion that it just wasn't the right opportunity for me. It was literally one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make, but I know I'm doing the right thing. I have to keep reminding myself that--as passionate as I am about writing and my stories--this is a business and tough choices have to be made.
  • Am currently reading Keir by Pippa Jay (romance/science fiction)! Powerful and emotional read so far! Outcast. Cursed. Dying. Is Keir beyond redemption? 62% in and loving it! Just wish I had more time to read! One day :)
  • A favorite snippet from Keir: He felt her presence in his mind still, like cool hands soothing his fevered thoughts. It both disturbed and comforted him. Was she an angel in human guise? Or some demon sent to torment him before delivering him to his final hell?

Bonus material...
*Tune back in for SSS on Sunday for more steamy goodness from Running From Shadows!
*Would love to get more Likes for my author page! Click here... Thanks!
*Need more Likes for my publisher Lyrical Press... Please click here! Thanks!! 
*Beautiful Cover Art for Running From Shadows by Danielle Fine... Check her website for more cover art, editing and book trailer services.

Random Alert! Random. Alert. Alert. Alert... 

This past weekend my BFF and her hubby came to visit! They live in South Carolina--about 8 hours from Mikey and me in Virginia--so we don't get to see them often. We had so much fun! Went to a brewery, made mixed drinks, cooked, shopped, went to see Looper, ate out, took them to visit Fort Monroe where we walked around in the dark and it was like a zombie movie!
My BFF and I have been best friends since I chased her down on the playground in the fourth grade and made her be my friend. LOL Yup, that's how I roll! :)

Becca and Me rockin' our sunglasses after lunch by the ocean!
At the brewery...the beer bottles had dragons on them! Dragons!!!! Yes!

It's best to be prepared. My go-to drink: Disaronno and Diet Ginger Ale. So good!
Cheers to 20 years of friendship!

Bec looks great and I look like I have the crazy eyes! Be afraid...be very afraid!

At the beach...well, you can sorta see the water...it's the black blob in the background ;)
At Ft. Monroe...AKA zombie-town!
The wall looked like it had stitches. Yes, that is the only reason why I took this pic. Random!!!!


  1. I'm glad to see things are going so well for you. Congratulations on your offer, even if you did reject it. I know what that's like.

    1. Thank you Ella! It really was a hard thing to do, but I feel like I made the right decision. I see big things for RFS :) Just gotta find the right agent... The One is out there!

  2. I want some dragon beer! Great news for RFS. So excited for you girlie

    1. LOLz Come on over chicka! ;) Thank you so much!!

  3. Ha, Karen, I just love your midweek posts. Congrats on making finalist! Wishing you continued luck! And sorry you had to make the tough decision about the agent, but I'm glad you stuck by what was right for you. Also it looks like you and your friend had a great time together. :)

    1. Hi Melissa! Aww, thank you for saying that :) I really appreciate your kind words.

  4. Congrats on your finals! Way to go, chica! And I so sympathize about that tough decision. Hang in there, the right time will come!

  5. I'm glad you had so much fun! I know how you roll...chasing friends down! I can see it now. :) Yay, congrats to entering the contests.

    1. Thank you Kat! LOL It totally is how I roll :)

  6. Looks like it was a great weekend with Becca and Andrew! I know it was a hard decision about the agent but the right agent will come along! Good Luck on the contests!!

    1. It was a fantastic weekend! Loved having them visit! :D Thank you so much Kellie!

  7. Outstanding news - congratulations on finaling. Sounds like you and Becca had a great time too. Waiting is torment, I know. Fingers crossed for good news soon.

    1. Hi Kary! Thanks so much! Really appreciate you dropping by :)