October 17, 2012

My Midweek Mayhem, Book Cover Contest/Giveaway and Random Picture Goodness! #amblogging

Happy Midweek Y'all!

Working it out…
  • My fantastic editor and cover designer, Danielle Fine, is having a book cover contest for the next five days! And my cover for Running From Shadows is up for voting!! Stop by and check it out here...you'll have a chance at winning a fabulous cover designed by Danielle!
  • Found out this week that Witch Way to Turn is now available in the Netherlands! How cool is that!!! Check it here :)
  • Yesterday I mailed off my application to enter Witch Way to Turn into the Romance Writers of America RITA contest!!! For info on how to enter...click here.
  • Starting on Friday, October 26 I'll be participating in the YA Mythology Hop and Giveaway!!! My amazing virtual assistant, Florence Price, is setting that up. Check here for her website. More information to come...
  • I've entered Running From Shadows into my local Chapter of RWA--Chesapeake Romance Writerscontest! *crosses fingers*
Hearing voices…
  • Some of the constructive crits I received from the contests I've entered Running From Shadows into has said I need a little more setting description... I'll be working on that soon.
  • I turned in Witch Way book #2 to my editor on Sunday! Will keep you posted on how edits are going :) Excited and nervous. Eep! lol
  • Here's a teaser from book #2 I'm super happy with (as always, no spoilers to book #1 or #2).
  • (Breena's POV) Her vision blurred. Light became fractured rays. Everything broke apart like shattered ice. She shivered in the space of nothingness. For a beat she was the emptiness and no one could reach her. Nothing mattered because nothing was everything.
Waiting game…
Cover Art by Danielle Fine
  • On week #19 of waiting to hear back from a lovely agent who is reading Running From Shadows.*continues to keep fingers and toes crossed and keeps querying*
  • On week #11 of waiting to hear back from the editor I pitched to at the RWA conference in July. *also continues to keep all possible body parts crossed*
  • Finished reading Keir by Pippa Jay over the weekend! Check my 5-Star review here! (romance/science fiction)
Bonus material...
*Tune back in for SSS on Sunday for more steamy goodness from Running From Shadows! Pax takes Greta back to his cabin in the woods...should she be scared or excited? He did save her from a demon ;)
*Would love to get more Likes for my author page! Click here... Thanks!
*Need more Likes for my publisher Lyrical Press... Please click here! Thanks!! 
*Beautiful Cover Art for Running From Shadows by Danielle Fine... Check her website for more cover art, editing and book trailer services.

Random Alert! Random. Alert. Alert. Alert...
Felt sorry for this poor little bent paperclip, so I took its picture and used it to hold together an important document at work. Have you showed a paperclip some love today? Tell that stapler to take a hike!

Me going for the sultry look...totally nailed it! Uh, if the bored-crazy-person look is sexy! LOL o.O


  1. Hahaha Karen, I have to say I do love reading your midweek posts each week. Still wishing you luck with the agent and editor. Hope you hear something soon, chickie.

    1. Hi Melissa! Aww, thank you so much! And I'm so glad you enjoy my post! :D

  2. Good luck, Karen! And thanks for the mention. :)

    1. Thank you Pippa! And it's my pleasure, I absolutely loved Keir! Fantastic read! :D

  3. You're too funny. I'm also keeping fingers crossed for you. The waiting process is driving me crazy. I've been on submission Lord Beaumont's Bride for almost 3 months now, and I have an agent.

    1. teehee ;) Thank you Ella! The waiting is totally the hardest part. Eep! Good luck on Lord Beaumont's Bride submission! *fingers crossed for you too*

  4. You've got a lot of patience. Hang in there.

    1. Thanks Daryl! Waiting is hard...but it must be done ;) lol

  5. Everything still crossed for you, chica! Loved the paperclip! You are so random! LOL And you totally ROCK the sultry crazy-person look. LOL Love your mayhem.

    1. Thanks chicka!! That poor paperclip needed some love. LOL Random should've been my middle name :P Thank you for stopping by :)