May 1, 2013

Midweek Mayhem: Pitching dragons! Signing books! Come see me...there's chocolate :P #RT2013 #PlayListVid

Working it out…
  • (NEW) Guess where I am?? Here >>>> RT Booklovers Convention and I'm signing!! Stop by and see me on tomorrow, Thursday, May 2nd from 4-6PM at the EXPO! Ohh, and I'll have chocolate for you... Just sayin' :P More deets here!
The Becoming Playlist!
Wanted to share some of the songs that inspired me as I wrote Becoming...this song reminds me of Zoe and all her paranoia..

Concrete Angel by Gareth Emery


This is what I'm pitching tomorrow… Eep and Squee! Keep your fingers crossed!!

    Query Pitch

    A heart transplant leaves nineteen-year-old Zoe Moore with a six-inch Frankenscar on her chest. Terrified of intimacy, Zoe shuts out everyone except the boy she meets online. Scared or not, she’s fallen hard and agrees to meet Taylor Sinclair...only, the UNC-Charlotte sophomore isn’t who Zoe expected. Despite being sexy, blond and green-eyed, Taylor is also female, shattering Zoe’s fantasies.

    Ruthless killing is in Taylor’s dragon DNA, and the only way to stop it is to fall in love and procreate—a major problem for someone who has already given her heart, literally and figuratively, to a girl. As Zoe slowly lets her in, it’s torture for Taylor not to tell her the truth: because of what Taylor did, Zoe is turning into a monster. And in order to stop the transformation, Taylor must risk her own life.
    Though concerned by her smoke burps, scalding-hot skin and taste for flesh, Zoe’s more frightened by her growing feelings. Even with her world spiraling out of control, Zoe would rather die than let anything happen to Taylor. But, when the moment arises, will Zoe choose to embrace what she’s becoming?
    Random Alert! Alert. Alert. Alert...

    Look at those eyes!! Play with me, won't you?? Rusty pup knows how to work the adorable/pitiful look :P

    Repetitive words when I was first editing Witch Way to Turn before it was published.

    Sunset at city hall (day job)... I'm not there this week! So if you wanna stalk me, you'll have to come to the RT Booklovers Convention and buy my book :P

    My voodoo doll at work ;)


    1. Ooooo! I've never read the synopsis for Becoming before (wasn't sure if you'd ever posted it and I was too shy to ask...LOL). It sounds amazing! So this is officially a F/F story right? If so, then way to go Karen!
      M/M romance stories are getting so popular now and my inner feminist kept wondering where all the F/F stories are... :D
      This story will get picked up for sure! For SURE! ;)

      1. Awww!!! Squee!! Don't be shy, I'm totally up for talking about my stories! :)) Thanks so much, Marlene! I'm glad you like!! I'm so stoked to find the right home for Becoming! :D It is officially a F/F story. Thanks!

        I've got some really exciting news that I can't wait to share on my Midweek Mayhem post this week!! :D