September 5, 2012

My Midweek Mayhem for 9/5/12 and a Random Picture that Inspired a Scene from Witch Way to Turn...

Happy Midweek Y'all!

Working it out…
  • Squee!!!!!! Witch Way to Turn WON the Sizzling Read of the Month!!! (check it out here)
  • Exciting news!! My demon-slaying unicorn story (Running From Shadows) made it into the Come And Get It contest hosted by Cupid's Literary Connection! Will find out on Saturday, September 8th if I made it into the Agent Round. *crosses fingers*
Hearing voices…
  • Thrilled to announce that the 1st draft of Witch Way book #2 is complete at 71k words!! *spins around and around* must sit for a couple weeks while I distance myself from it. Then...revision time :) As a pantser, revisions are extremely important to me. It's my chance to catch plot issues, and the like, before my baby goes off for editing.
  • Here's a teaser line from book #2 I'm super happy with (as always, no spoilers to book #1 or #2). The hum had grown to a buzz and the bone-chilling cold crept along her skin, threatening to crawl inside, flood her veins and leech itself to her very core.
Getting personal... A Karen Fail!
Karen vs. The Lost B-day Gift... Karen won!!! LOL Thank the Lord! The restaurant that I inadvertently mailed my BFF's present to hadn't checked their mailbox in over a week. So it was still in the box. I spoke with the mail carrier and they delivered the package to the proper address the next day. Phew.

Waiting game…
Cover Art by Danielle Fine
  • On week #13 of waiting to hear back from a lovely agent who is reading Running From Shadows.*continues to keep fingers and toes crossed and keeps querying*
  • On week #5 of waiting to hear back from the two agents and editor from the RWA conference. *also continues to keep all possible body parts crossed*
  • Finished reading The Empire (The Lover's Opalus) by Grayson Reyes-Cole and it was an awesome read! Check my 5-star Amazon review here. Highly recommend!
  • Am currently reading Keir by Pippa Jay (romance/science fiction)! Powerful and emotional read so far! Outcast. Cursed. Dying. Is Keir beyond redemption?
Bonus material...
*Tune back in for SSS on Sunday for some steamy goodness from Witch Way to Turn!
*Would love to get more Likes for my author page! Click here... Thanks!
*Need more Likes for my publisher Lyrical Press - Please click here! Thanks!! 
*Beautiful Cover Art for Running From Shadows by Danielle Fine... Check her website for more cover art, editing and book trailer services.

Random Alert! Random. Alert. Alert. Alert...

Me holding the Washington Monument in D.C. 2009
In Witch Way to Turn, Orin takes Breena out on a proper date and the topic of the above picture comes up. Read mini snippet below...
Breena finished her bread as the waitress brought out her steak and Orin’s veggie lasagna. Her stomach rumbled.

“New topic, please,” she joked in a singsong voice and cut into her steak. No blood.

Thank you, sweet baby Jesus.

She was okay with seeing her own blood, but anyone or anything else’s totally horrified her.

“If you could visit any monument in DC, what would it be?” Orin took his time opening his napkin and cutting into his dinner, like he could care less about his food.

She thought for a second before she answered, completely sure of herself. “The Washington monument.”

“Any special reason?”

“Yeah, to stand in the Mall and take one of those pictures where you hold out your thumb and index finger to look like you’re pinching it.”

He rolled his eyes and laughed.

“I know. Deep, right?”

“When I go back to DC, you should come. We’ll go there. Take the picture.”

***(Well, guess what? I totally worked this picture into book #2... Yes, I did! Breena finally gets to take this picture! (I torture the poor girl so much that I let her have this win... Bwahaha) Crazy how a picture I randomly took on a Valentine's Day trip with my hubby in 2009 would end up in one of my books!)


  1. I love your Wednesday posts. Great excerpt, but I can't eat a steak if it's cooked more than medium-rare.

    1. Aww! Thank you so much Ella :) Medium-rare for me too. Really appreciate you stopping by and commenting.

  2. Stopped by to say hi. I liked your facebook. Are you aware that tampering with a federal monument is against the law?

    I think shrinking it is a case of tampering

    1. Thank you Liza! Girl, you had me cracking up with that comment! Hm. I plead the 5th? lol Really appreciate you stopping by :)

  3. LOL, love the pic and much to my family's dismay, I like my steaks well done.

    1. Hi Karen! Thanks! Ohh, you love your steaks the same way as my girl Breena ;) lol Really appreciate you stopping by!