June 20, 2012

Midweek Mayhem…

In an effort to be a better goal-setter (something I gotta constantly work at) and be more consistent with my blog postings, I’m starting something I like to call dun, dun, dun… 
Midweek Mayhem. And maybe at some point my chaos—uh, life—will become slightly more organized. A girl can dream, right?

Working it out…

  • The trailer for Witch Way to Turn is in the works! Squee! We are in the process of picking out music, art and hope to have it ready to roll a month before WWTT’s release date of August 6!
  • Starting this Sunday (June 24) I’ll be participating in Six Sentence Sunday. This is a really cool site that helps to get the word out about non-published and published writers. Check it out: SSS. More information on Sunday! Stay tuned :)
Hearing voices…
  • Breena, Myles and Orin are talking to me…they don’t want the adventure to end. So I hear and obey! WWTT2 is currently in the work-in-progress stage. I’m a little over 20k words in. The goal is to have the first draft complete (or very close to the end) before I leave for RWA Nationals on July 23.
Waiting game…
  • Tom Petty had it so right: "waiting IS the hardest part." My demon-slaying unicorn manuscript (Running from Shadows) is currently being read by an amazing agent. *crosses fingers…and toes*
Reading update…
  • 51% into Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse #12) by Charlaine Harris
  • 21% into Quitter: Turning Your Job into a Dream and Your Dream into a Job by Jon Acuff
  • 12% into Rapture (Fallen #4) by Lauren Kate
That’s all for now y’all!

Happy writing!


  1. You're the one making the trailer? Can't wait to see that one!
    Good luck with the agent and the manu!
    Girl, how can you read 3 books at the same time. I can read two if one is craft and the other is fiction, otherwise, only one at a time ;)

    1. Hi Juliana! Oh, I'm definitely having the trailer professionally done...I'm not at all tech savvy! LOL Thank you. I can't wait to show it! Reading 3 books at a time isn't easy...this is actually the first time I've ever attempted it ;) Hopefully I'll make more progress on them by next Midweek Mayhem! Thank you so much for stopping by!